アニメ『はたらく細胞!!』2期 海外の反応・感想【全8話】




第1話 たんこぶ

第1話 海外の反応・感想

Beautiful episode, i loved it. The Platelets are so beautiful, i love them, i love every other cell in the show too


Everyone focusing on the anones and I’m just happy that I got to hear always stumbling Red Blood Cell Kana Hanazawa around here, since watching Season 1 just last month. I got quite some laugh out of the Megakaryocyte’s “”here’s a gold medal, there’s a gold medal, every platelet got a gold medal!”” – does that actually points to real life situations where megakaryocyte uses (chemical?) stimulations to get platelets operates at a faster pace? The back-to-back airing with Cells At Work BLACK (even on local TV) is first rate promotion! I’m sure comparing these two stories and bodies will be very fun to follow this season.


For anyone wondering why Megakaryocyte carries babies with her around: Megakaryocyte forms platelets out of their own body.


This was such a palate cleanser after watching Black → Uh oh I just watched this and will be going to black next

ブラック見た後のお口直しだなこれは → まじか今これ見終わったけど次ブラック見るわ

And we are back with our adorable cell friends once again ngl this ep was pretty hilarious with the master of Plateles


I forgot how much fun can this anime be. What I remember from this series is how science heavy it is. Then again, even if I only understand just little things from this, this anime still very enjoyable. David Production is so good at making anime.


I’m like, in love with the white blood cell. What a cool guy. Ruthless when in battle, but able to switch gears and be incredible with kids. I realize it won’t happen due to biological reasons, but I would love to see him and red blood cell raising a family


I read that this season will only have 8 episodes? Is this true, or is someone messing with me? → It’s sadly true, there’s not enough content for more.

今期、8エピソードしかないって言うの見たんだけど本当?それとも誰かデマ流してんの? → 悲しいことにそれまじだよ。これ以上のコンテンツがないから。。

Good first episode, it’s good to see our wholesome cells again. A very wise choice to watch this after code black lmao. The whiplash from the 2 shows is insane. We got a new platelet introduced, backwards cap-chan. OP was as catchy as the first one which is great. Looking forward to the next episode.


Lovely show as always, but is it just me having nostalgia goggles or did the animation take a bit of a hit this season?


This is such a breath of fresh air after watching Black lol I missed the whole gang Backwards Cap is going to be a nice addition to this show!


I would literally become a P.E./Health teacher so i can show this whole series to my students and give them quizzes about it, forceing them to watch it on their own time b/c its such a cute fun informative anime. Like i had no idea wtf a Megakaryocyte was, BUT now i do lol


Is this going to be episodic like the first season? If so not interested, it was barely interesting enough to finish


I need more Platelet’s episodes… after S2 and Black please do a season just highlighting them more. So adorable.


WOOHOO! We’re back! But also seriously Funimation. You pick and get exclusivity over an educational Anime and you don’t subtitle the ****ing educational popups. What kind of incompetence is this. It’s actually pathetic. Do your jobs or don’t get exclusivity over the show. It’s that simple.


I’m happy to see this anime return. I absolutely love the wholesomeness here. Well, time to go check out Black and hopefully not get depressed

これの2期が決まって嬉しい。 この健全なアニメが戻ってきた!ただ、blackの方を見にいく時間だ。鬱にならないいことを祈る

Yeah I was really disappointed that they decided not to translate those. I don’t know what conditions the translators were under while doing this so I won’t judge too harshly, but it was definitely something I enjoyed in season 1


This is the anime that finally got me to stop picking at scabs


First Macrophage and now Megakaryocyte, I never knew my body contained such top tier waifus.


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