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第3話 海外の反応・感想

Shinso my favorite part of the season by FAR and the casual clothes Hawks too


Sorry, I can’t unhear Yotsuba whenever Uraraka opens her mouth


Uraraka’s eyebrow twitch when Deku mentions Hatsume


I was almost crying laughing when Aizawa told all might to stop acting like he had an affair XD


Shinso/Aizawa seems like a really cool teacher/apprentice pair, considering the Batman-like levels of training Aizawa probably had to undergo to be able to do what he does, they seem like a perfect fit.


Yoooo, persona cords super spicy, I’m excited for him!


Nothing has happened in this season ngl, i get that they are trying to set up some plot development w deku but the pacing is all over the place. They had dialogue for way too long and 1 min of action. I like MHA but this is really disappointing compared to other seasons.

このシーズン、まだ何も起こってないな。出久のプロットの発展のためにやってるんだろうってことはわかるけど、ペーシングはぐちゃぐちゃだよ。長すぎるダイアログに1分のアクション。 オレはヒロアカ好きだけど、他のシーズンと比べるとこれはマジでガッカリだな。

Man the character designs this season are amazing. I honestly think that this season has the potential to surpass the godly 2nd season. Shinso’s Persona Chords are already one of my favorite support items in the show, can’t wait to see his full costume someday.

今シーズンのキャラクター・デザインはアメージングだな。オレは正直、今シーズンはシーズン2を超えるポテンシャルがあると思ってるよ。 心操のペルソナ・コードはすでにオレのこのアニメのお気に入りサポート・アイテムの一つ。彼のフル・コスチュームを見るのが待ちきれないよ。

I was wondering if the author forgot about Shinso. I am glad he has returned, one of the better-underused characters.


Ugh. This is killing me. This arc isn’t bad or anything, but I just wanna get to the next arc already lol. That’s gonna be the best arc yet.

ああ、まいっちゃうな。このアークがダメとかそういうんじゃなくて、ただオレは次のアークにいってほしいだけなんだww ベスト・アークになるだろうからね。

Idk why they’re stretching out the episodes so much, there’s over 100 chapters between the manga and the anime right now. Including the final arc, i’m guessing they have enough content until at least a 7th season, how much are they planning to stretch it out to?


100% agreed, these first 3 episodes have been bad. I was legit just skipping dialogue by the time they started introducing class B.


Episodes are mad slow. Just want to see Deku alabama smash someone come on


Man I’m surprised by all the hate, I thought this was a pretty good episode and this feels more like MHA than the last arc of season 4 did which I thought sucked


Another episode with so much wasted introductions of characters. I wish they would stop giving screen time to introduce the class A characters and their powers. we already know! Then when they introduce the class B characters we don’t get anything besides names and it takes so long.

またもや無駄にキャラクター紹介で時間が潰れたエピソードだった。 A組のキャラクターたちと彼らの個性を紹介するためにスクリーン・タイムを使うのをやめてくれるといいんだけど。オレたちももう知ってるよ!で、B組の紹介はキャラクターたちの名前以外はたいして知ることができないし、時間かけすぎだよ。

Oh my **** god why is the episode feel so slow


I have a good feeling about this arc. It’s difficult to describe, but it feels to me like it’s more like MHA than the last two arcs were. I think season 5’s already off to a nice start.


This season feels more like I’m watching Season 2 or 3 than Season 4. I loved season 4… but you could tell something felt off about the animation. Glad to see things going back to normal here.


For some reason a lot of manga readers don’t like this arc, but i really like it. I missed all the school-stuff.


a new good episode and gotta say this one was so immersive


Yo, Shinso is the next Aizawa


Honestly, they’re pretty similar quirk styles. Aizawa removes power with his quirk and Shinso takes control over them. Would be cool to get a mentoring episode between the two or something, since I think their quirks would work well at suppressing opponents.


Really good episode


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