第12話 新しい力とオール・フォー・ワン

第12話 海外の反応・感想

A nice wrap up episode to this arc. Am curious to see what class Shinsou joins though. Seems like it will obviously be Class A but you never know. All Might saving the women was a really cool scene to me, showing how he is 100% still a hero in heart without his powers anymore. And is next week a filler episode? Just the title and small clip made it seem like it could be.

このアークの良い感じのまとめだったな。心操がどのクラスに入るのかが気になるけどね。まあ明らかにA組に入りそうだけど、でもわかんないからね。 オールマイトがあの女の人を助けたシーンはオレにとってはマジでクールだったな、彼が彼のパワーはもう持ってなくても心では今でも100%ヒーローだってことを見せてくれたよ。 それと、来週はフィラーエピソード?タイトルとチラッと見た感じではそれっぽかったな。

Really enjoyable episode! It was weird seeing Bakugo joining All Might and Deku’s conversation, but I could see why it could be useful having him around for physical training with Deku. Man, I completely forgot that Todoroki and Bakugo still didn’t have their license yet. Glad they added a little fight scene for them to fight as licensed heros now. And the ending scene was wholesome.

マジで楽しめるエピソードだった!爆豪がオールマイトとデクの会話に混ざったのを見るのは変な感じだったけどね、でも彼はデクの身体的なトレーニングのためには良さそうだってのはわかるよ。 おいおい、オレは轟と爆豪がいまだに免許を持ってなかったってことを完全に忘れてたよ。彼らが免許を持ったヒーローとして戦うファイト・シーンを付け加えてくれてうれしいよ。それと、エンディング・シーンはよかったな。

nothing crazy in this episode but really great still. the baku/todo scene was a cool mix of clean animation n snappy comic book frames. also im so glad to see eri again. we love our precious bean.


Bakugo doing Bakugo things in the most Bakugo way is the highlight of this episode. Also Eri’s smile.


Sliding Go is now on my Most Favorite Heroes list


Bakugo’s face with All Might’s hand on his head was the best.


Endeavor didn’t scream Shotoooooooo after seeing his text, I honestly was expecting the scream lol


Anybody noticed the vaiolet evergarden reference?


im excited for christmas


This was a solid 100th episode. I’m tired of seeing manga readers always comment this arc is boring and shit. I want the anime onlies comments to see their true opinions, not people who’ve seen it before and only come here to shit on the show.


As an anime only it’s shit .


That cuteness with Mirio and Eri and a little bit of Iida made my week. Oh, and Shoto’s reaction to All Might’s praise (〃ω〃) Endeavor, stop being so likeable now pls.

あのミリオとエリ、それとちょっと飯田のかわいさがオレを幸せな気分にしてくれたよ。あ、それと焦凍がオールマイトに褒められた時のリアクションもね(〃ω〃) エンデヴァー、お願いだからここで好感度あげてくるのやめてくれ。

Erichan is too precious man


Well that was an enjoyable episode! Eri was cute and if Monoma can get over his obsession with class A, he might turn into a pretty interesting character. I wonder which class Shinso will join, A or B. So if the first study year is over now, will we see a new class of freshmen? That would be interesting, they could certainly learn a great deal from their seniors. I’m kinda starting to enjoy the new Bakugo, his one-liners were pretty funny.


Ironic that we are getting a christmas episode in the middle of June


Pretty boring episode


Bakugou and Todoroki got a head pat from All Might? Congratulations on passing ?

爆豪と轟がオールマイトから頭を撫でられた? 免許取得おめでとう?

Bakugo is the best.


Kirishima and TetsuTetsu bromance, Eri and Todoroki smiling, Mirio makes an appearance and Class A&B hanging out….this episode was so sweet


Eri writing notes to Deku and Mirio was a great moment and scene


Always nice to see Fat Gum even if it’s just during an explanation! Still my favorite hero


Eri is absolutely adorable


I pray monoma becomes a main support character! C’mon hori!


Happy 100th Ep^


Maybe we will get a new OP next week since we’re starting a new arc?


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