ガビの成長が素晴らしい!『進撃の巨人』ファイナルシーズンPart2 第77話をみた海外の反応


今回は『進撃の巨人』のファイナルシーズンPart2 77話「騙し討ち」の海外の反応をご紹介します。




Why did Yelena had that expression?


She was catching on to the fact that armin was trying to play her about believing in zekes euthenasia plan.


Falco proposing amidst the chaos. ?


Anime only here, does someone knows where all Shiganshina citizens went? Will it be explained later on?


In the last episode of S4P1, Pyxis said they were evacuated when they found out about the wine


Man that soundtrack in the first 5 mins before Zeke came, that choir arrangement was so so good. Especially with that flashback of Eren asking armin/mikasa “ will we be free if we kill all our enemies “


A very good episode even if a bit slow-paced. Zeke’s entrance was excellent and 2D monke looks great. The iconic Yelena show has been done justice. The scene with Gabi/Falco/Colt was the standout this time. Absolutely love the birdcage symbolism. Next week is the start of the greatest AoT trilogy!

少しテンポが悪くても、とても良い回だった。ジークの登場は素晴らしかったし、2Dの猿もいい感じだ。象徴的なイェレナのショーも執り行われたしな。ガビ/ファルコ/コルトのシーンは今回際立っていた。鳥かごの象徴が絶対に好きだ。 来週は最高の「進撃の巨人」三部作の始まりだぞ!!!

Man that Yelena face was the stuff of nightmares, even the demons in demon animes don’t look that ugly


5 minute recap, what the hell man. Besides that, great episode


it’s literally only 2 minute recap, after that the new content starts


Gabi’s perception of reality crumbling and the guilt creeping up is one of the most satisfying things I saw in a while.


Let’s fucking go, they did Yelena’s creepy face justice. Falco knew there was a big chance he was gonna turn into a titan, so he shoot his shot, that’s my boy. Gabi’s development here was also fantastic, this why she’s one of my favorite characters in the series. Also, the room they were in was filled with birdcages, pretty cool. Onii-chan is down, sasuga pieck-chan.

イェレナの不気味な顔を見事に再現したな。 ファルコは自分が巨人になる可能性が高いことを知っていたので、告白したんだな、さすがだ。
ガビの成長もすばらしかった。また、二人がいた部屋は鳥かごでいっぱいで、とてもクールだった。 そして、おにいちゃんが倒れましたね、さすがピークちゃん。

Can’t help but laugh at Yelena’s psycho face this ep ? Falco is the real protagonist.


I’m really curious about what Armin was thinking when thinking about Eren seeing the ocean for the first time. He seems to be worried about something. I predict that Zeke will threaten to scream next episode, forcing Reiner to let him live and let the Rumbling happen.

エレンが初めて海を見たとき、アルミンは何を考えていたのか、とても気になる。何か悩んでいるような気がした。 次回はジークは、ライナーを脅して「地ならし」を発動させると予想。

Why did Yelena look so evil towards Armin after he said he wanted to help Even/Zeke? I don’t understand. What a creepy fucker she is.


I don’t understand something. Why is Armin wanting Zeke and Eren to meet? I can kinda understand him wanting to give Eren the benefit of the doubt, but him saying he wants to help the Jaegerists with making the meetup happen seems out of left field for him, especially since he’s usually the strategic one.


Because Eren is the one who decides what happens as he has the founder so he’s just trusting that Eren will do what’s best for them rather than the euthanasia plan.


The music during the first part of the Eren vs. everyone fight was amazing. Not hype or thrilling but rather more sombre. It really made the fight seem more brutal and real instead of hyped up action sequence time. I honestly felt sad for everyone involved since the music was so sombre.

「エレン VS 全員」の戦いの最初の部分の音楽は素晴らしかった。 大げさでもなく、スリリングでもなく、どちらかというと地味な感じ。それによって、アクションの連続で盛り上がるのではなく、より残酷でリアルな戦いになっていたように思う。正直なところ、この音楽があまりに地味だったので、関係者全員が可哀想に思えたね。

I love the show, HATE the prolonging. For a Shounen it’s like DBZ in the 90’s slow, I think it’d be way better with some Black Clover pacing!


Wait I forgot but why didn’t Eren touch Zeke before?does he need to be in titan form to make the FT work?


They didn’t touch in Liberio because they needed to destroy Marley’s harbor first. When they were returning in the blimp to Paradis, both Eren and Zeke were restrained, Eren was in chains and Zeke without limbs. Of course Eren could have used his powers there to free himself, but he would have destroyed the blimp killing everyone there. There’s also the thing that they wanted to experiment with it in a more controlled environment, in Shiganshina, see how the wall titans reacted if they attempted a partial rumbling, and all that; I don’t think they thought they’d have to touch amidst a battle.

リベリオ区では、手を出さなかった。マーレの港を破壊するのが先決だったからだ。 飛行船でパラディ島に戻る際、エレンもジークも拘束され、エレンは鎖につながれ、ジークは手足がない状態だった。

もちろんエレンはそこで力を使って自由になることはできたが、飛行船を破壊してしまい、そこにいた全員が死んでしまう可能性があった。 だから、壁の中の巨人の反応を見たいからシガンシナで実験したかったんだと思う。まさか戦闘中に手を合わせることになるとは思っていなかっただろうね。


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