アニメ『はたらく細胞!!』2期 海外の反応・感想【全8話】




第1話 たんこぶ

第1話 海外の反応・感想

Beautiful episode, i loved it. The Platelets are so beautiful, i love them, i love every other cell in the show too


Everyone focusing on the anones and I’m just happy that I got to hear always stumbling Red Blood Cell Kana Hanazawa around here, since watching Season 1 just last month. I got quite some laugh out of the Megakaryocyte’s “”here’s a gold medal, there’s a gold medal, every platelet got a gold medal!”” – does that actually points to real life situations where megakaryocyte uses (chemical?) stimulations to get platelets operates at a faster pace? The back-to-back airing with Cells At Work BLACK (even on local TV) is first rate promotion! I’m sure comparing these two stories and bodies will be very fun to follow this season.


For anyone wondering why Megakaryocyte carries babies with her around: Megakaryocyte forms platelets out of their own body.


This was such a palate cleanser after watching Black → Uh oh I just watched this and will be going to black next

ブラック見た後のお口直しだなこれは → まじか今これ見終わったけど次ブラック見るわ

And we are back with our adorable cell friends once again ngl this ep was pretty hilarious with the master of Plateles


I forgot how much fun can this anime be. What I remember from this series is how science heavy it is. Then again, even if I only understand just little things from this, this anime still very enjoyable. David Production is so good at making anime.


I’m like, in love with the white blood cell. What a cool guy. Ruthless when in battle, but able to switch gears and be incredible with kids. I realize it won’t happen due to biological reasons, but I would love to see him and red blood cell raising a family


I read that this season will only have 8 episodes? Is this true, or is someone messing with me? → It’s sadly true, there’s not enough content for more.

今期、8エピソードしかないって言うの見たんだけど本当?それとも誰かデマ流してんの? → 悲しいことにそれまじだよ。これ以上のコンテンツがないから。。

Good first episode, it’s good to see our wholesome cells again. A very wise choice to watch this after code black lmao. The whiplash from the 2 shows is insane. We got a new platelet introduced, backwards cap-chan. OP was as catchy as the first one which is great. Looking forward to the next episode.


Lovely show as always, but is it just me having nostalgia goggles or did the animation take a bit of a hit this season?


This is such a breath of fresh air after watching Black lol I missed the whole gang Backwards Cap is going to be a nice addition to this show!


I would literally become a P.E./Health teacher so i can show this whole series to my students and give them quizzes about it, forceing them to watch it on their own time b/c its such a cute fun informative anime. Like i had no idea wtf a Megakaryocyte was, BUT now i do lol


Is this going to be episodic like the first season? If so not interested, it was barely interesting enough to finish


I need more Platelet’s episodes… after S2 and Black please do a season just highlighting them more. So adorable.


WOOHOO! We’re back! But also seriously Funimation. You pick and get exclusivity over an educational Anime and you don’t subtitle the ****ing educational popups. What kind of incompetence is this. It’s actually pathetic. Do your jobs or don’t get exclusivity over the show. It’s that simple.


I’m happy to see this anime return. I absolutely love the wholesomeness here. Well, time to go check out Black and hopefully not get depressed

これの2期が決まって嬉しい。 この健全なアニメが戻ってきた!ただ、blackの方を見にいく時間だ。鬱にならないいことを祈る

Yeah I was really disappointed that they decided not to translate those. I don’t know what conditions the translators were under while doing this so I won’t judge too harshly, but it was definitely something I enjoyed in season 1


This is the anime that finally got me to stop picking at scabs


First Macrophage and now Megakaryocyte, I never knew my body contained such top tier waifus.


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第2話 獲得免疫/パイエル板

第2話 海外の反応・感想

It’s kinda sad that Black is getting more attention than this one, specially considering this is probably the last season of Hataraku Saibou. But well, at least none of them are getting ignored. Black says I have hostesses inside my liver and this one says I have a bartender in my kidney, damn


Watched this right after the black version. I was extremely pleased to see macrophage-san in a much better condition


A skit about vaccines, they couldn’t have timed it any better.


The first half was pretty weak but the second half was hilarious! Decent episode overall. It’s fun watching this after code black; jumping from depression to joy


Whoa wait what? Sometimes immunization is just them introducing a really weak version of a disease!? Learned something new today!


Yes, it’s called an attenuated vaccine. There are other methods, like rna (where only some parts of the virus are introduced), or some where they put genetic material from a more serious virus into a less serious one.


I really enjoyed the episode and the series as whole, it’s such a joy to be able to watch new episodes every week 🙂 I really liked seeing the more silly side of the white blood cells this time, them and the Killer T cells hiding in the “”food”” stash with the costumes was great.


Another fine episode! I enjoyed that. It’s very wholesome and very happy overall! The vaccines episode will HOPEFULLY make people less resistant to vaccines, but then again, I doubt those people watch this show. And the intestines one was cool, I now know you should never negotiate with bacteria. Luckily we managed to trick him though.


Not every day you see a Death parade reference. I’m all for it though, loved that show. Also, decided I’ll just watch black tomorrow, I don’t think dread is a good feeling to go to sleep with :v


I start med school tis August. I just got my Masters degree in Bio last semester. It actually is quite astonishing to see how well broken down each subject is taken. Entertaining and properly educational. Like I told my students to watch this and I know Ill have some stuff from this in my notes.


Lmao was that mump virus doing a fortnite dance at 9:13?


The second season is starting off great. I love the absurd humour of this series.

2 期はいいで出しだともう。このシリーズの馬鹿げた感じがすごい好き

I’ll be picturing this happening in my body after I get the COVID vaccine lol


Not that many comments. huh? I assumed this series was more popular here.


After today’s episode of Higurashi, I really needed this. Although the Mumps vaccine part of the episode was hilarious it is truly nothing when compared with the whole Campylobacter part.


Oh, I wasn’t expecting this episode to cover two manga chapters, that was a pleasant surprise!


Can we talk about how campylobacter’s head is a 💩 ?


There’s two ways to enjoy cells at work You watch Black first and this second so you are left with a sense of wholesomeness at the end Or you watch this first and Black second so you are left with a sense of depression at the end that will haunt you till the end of the day. Which path do you take?


Last week took the depressing one and this week the wholesome one, I preffer the depressing one


I take the second one. It leaves me with the sense of “this is how it should be” followed “this is what it could be”. It kinda makes me want to work harder so that I don’t fall into Black’s situation


Today, I’m gonna build a depression sandwich. This, then Black, then Yuru Camp


Third option: Don’t watch Black, because life is depressing enough as it is.


Damn, viruses are crazy. There are more soldiers in that war than in all wars of our world combined. Wish I had immunity against coronavirus.


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第3話 デング熱/ニキビ

第3話 海外の反応・感想

Was it just me, or was the CG a lot worse this episode? Especially at the start, the cells walking around in the hallway and that one that pushes a cart past RBC as she’s talking to the cell.


I may be the only one hearing this, but the very first background track sounded similar to the main theme of Antz. Maybe it’s on purpose since the show it’s about a very structured “”society””

私だけだと思うんだけど、最初のバックグラウンドの歌、antz のメインテーマに似てる気がした。「はたらく細胞」が社会構成についてだから、わざとそうしたのかな?

Oh god, we’re about to get the anime version of “”Trouble with the Tribbles”” next week aren’t we?

来週私たちは、アニメバージョンのstar trekを見ることになるんじゃないですか?

Press F to respects to the platelets that got taken by the mosquito.


JOJO REFERENCE!!! JOJO REFERENCE!!! Today’s episode was a blast. I love how Mast Cell’s powers were shown this episode. Also, does Mast Cell remind anyone of Pieck from Attack On Titan? I mean, they look pretty similar ngl. Also, equally great was the hair episode. Seriously, the stakes in this one felt a lot higher than it normally does in a typical episode, even though the usual episodes deal with crazier stuff. I was pretty invested in the hair cells ngl. Overall, great episode.

ジョジョのパロディや!!今回のエピソードはすごい楽しめた!マスト細胞がどうやって役に立つか見れたのが良かった。ちなみにマスト細胞って進撃の巨人のピークにちょっと似てない?後半の毛の話もよかったなぁ。普段から面白いんだけど、今回の話はいつもの話よりさらによかった気がする。私は毛の細胞に一票。笑 全体的によかったです

There’s still no happier sound, than the merry laugh of a Macrophage brutally slaughtering something.




What a coincidence seeing Hair Matrix Cells in both White and Black in the same week. Nobody going to comment how our Bro WBC 1196 managed to “”regenerate”” his baseball cap after giving one to the Hair Matrix boy? This must be the first time in White that we see dead WBCs. Normally this is the dark stuff for Black


I like that they finally acknowledged that the Red Blood Cell seems to always find herself in danger. Also, “”We’re going to wipe them out and have a tea party!”” Couldn’t help but laugh at that. The Japanese sure do love their tea.


It was nice to see Senpai Red Blood Cell again.


Wow, they really had no issue dealing with dengue, I was expecting that crisis to take the whole episode. So just like in Black, in this episode, they also showed the Hair Matrix Cells. I just find it surprising that the portion about the Acne germs, felt way more serious in tone than the dengue one.


Cells at work making me fall in love for White Cells in both shows, one is Thicc the other is a cinnamon roll


Never thought that one day pimples and dengue would be the time to relax. XD Also, I love how both deal with the hair follicle in the same week.


Wow, who knew a mosquito bite could be so dramatic… It’s good to see the chunnibyou Basophil again, he’s hilarious! Though that second half with the acne turned out to be a tad darker than I was expecting from the “”Vanilla”” series; it’s a neat parallel with the Black series tho.


We lost so classy dandy gentlemen cell


The histamine reaction was hilarious 😂 And Gintoki cell is back! 🙂


Nice JoJo reference.


so the other week I saw someone on twitter bring up a good point regarding character design: Distinct silhouettes. I think Cells at Work does a fantastic job of using the character silhouettes to not only define the different cell types, but making the individual characters stand out from each other within their group.


Tengu Dengu lol, that was awesome


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that JoJo reference, especially being the same studio (although it may have been in the manga as well), but I loved it. The hair half wasn’t super interesting to me, but I really enjoyed the first half.


I feel bad when i see ppl say this show isnt as good as BLACK just cuz its not as dark the episode about acne was pretty damn good and even without the drama just learn more about the body is so fun to me. Im glad we get double the scienece each week with both shows.


I wish my white blood cells acted this quickly when I got dengue fever a few years ago. to put it lightly, it’s no fun.


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第4話 ピロリ菌/抗原変異

第4話 海外の反応・感想

I love the fact that the purines look like pudding. Well, it seems that this storyline is continuing next week. I wonder if the NK Cell will help them find the one who fell.


I’ve watched enough RWBY to know that the handbag is definitely the most dangerous weapon there.


I want plushies of those germs…


I’m so behind on the manga so I don’t know what this episode was going to be about but as soon as I saw these little germs I knew we’d be tackling some lessons about good bacteria like Lactobacillus. And they’re just too heckin’ adorable! They definitely need to sell little plushies of these cute germs! I bet they’ll be a hit with doctors! Looks like this one is going to be a two-parter though so I’m totally in for more cute good bacteria next week! Also NK Cell is back so that’s also nice!


I thought they were going to be an intracellular parasite like Listeria.


Was that Subaru from Re:Zero’s VA? I thought I recognized that crying lol


I want to hug those germs


Watching Black made me realize that those infected cells were once normal cells and are being brutally killed now Black is slowly changing my Perspective


My lacto bacteria can’t be this cute.


After an entire season of bacteria as enemy intruders, it’s good to see the human microbiome finally being acknowledged as skilled immigrants. From the medical literature, a 70 kg “”reference man”” contains an estimated 3.8 x 1013 bacteria, which collectively make up 0.3% of the overall body weight.


Why did this thread come out so late? The lactic bacteria look so cute. We saw them in the OP, and judging what I knew about the various cells, I knew they were good bacteria from the start. Dang, it’s brutal knowing immune cells can kill good bacteria that help keep us alive. Also, bacteria fighting bacteria! Seeing the first bacteria fight was awesome. The second bacteria, same. It was super cute seeing it eat up the purines. And huh, NK cell! I can’t say for certain, but I do believe she will be the one that helps the other bacteria that fell down the drain!


brb gonna go lick a floor to get those cute bacteria inside of me


I ate a little bit more yogurt after this episode thinking of their adorable faces


I don’t think that’s how you get those bacteria.


More likely to get Covid from licking random surfaces haha


Nyuu nyuu That was a great episode, I really enjoyed that. It’s interesting to see the show focus on Subaru Cell who saved some nyuu nyuu germs. Welcome back NK Cell, so if she’s back I assume cancer cells are also on the way. Looking forward to the next episode.


That was so adorable. It made me smile. Now it’s time to do the opposite with it’s darker series. gulp


I know this is a joke but in microbiology class, someone swabbed the floor, cultured the bacteria and put it under a microscope and we found Staphylococcus Aureus (the yellow bacteria from season 1 episode 2)


I was wondering when they’d get around to covering good bacteria. And they made them adorable, so extra points.


It’s possible for immune cells to attack good bacteria, but they generally don’t. They are commensal bacteria


This episode is sponsored by: Yakult, contains more than one hundred million live Lactobacillus per milliliter.


Yakult x Hataraku Saibou special promotion with mini lactobacillus figurine when?


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第5話 サイトカイン

第5話 海外の反応・感想

What a nyu-nyu warm and uplifting (pun intended) episode! So this is cytokine, where blackmailing can stimulate all your cells into overdrive and maybe even too much into body damaging situations (ahem). This is also a very good immune system overview episode where every single main type of WBC and other related cells got a reminder on how they work. I suspect that our new nyu-nyu lactic acid bacteria is going to be the Platelet-chan of 2021. Yakult is going to get a revenue boost due to this!


The lactic acid building a slide and then rolling on it was too much for my heart.


Can someone make a gif of the Lactic acid bacteria waving bye-bye? Because i sure need it! On a different note, hearing the narrator turn from a cheerful voice into far more serious one when introducing cancer really makes you realize just how dangerous he is.


Loved the episode lmao, it was great. Depressed and embarrassed NK Cell is adorable, lmao at that one blackmail picture of her, she was a chuni. Dendritic Cell got that drip, he was hilarious this episode. Oh boy, cancer cell is back for vengeance, it makes sense since cancer cells don’t completely disappear. Looking forward to the next episode.


The Platelets are adorable, yes, but this thing? The cuteness levels are insane. Also, these Virus Cells are about to drop the hottest album ever. NK Cell is so awesome. I love her. The way she gets flustered is great. And it’s fitting that the final boss is, once again, cancer.


Dendritic Cell sure is savage by releasing all those embarrassing photos. All of a sudden, NK has received a boost in the Hataraku Saibou waifu rankings with just that maid photo alone. XD Fun fact: Cell-kun is voiced by Kobayashi Yusuke, while Red Lactic Acid Bacteria is voiced by Takahashi Rie. So this episode is basically Subaru running around looking for Emilia who got lost. Welp, Cancer Cell is back. And next episode’s title looks ominous. Could it have something to do with that final Black Lactic Acid Bacteria?


So everytime I get sick there’s a possibility that a Drunk Green Gossip Diva appears inside me? Cool.


Macrophages just starting casual conversation while caked with blood.


Okay the blackmail photos were super adorable… but then Killer T… what was Killer T doing wearing a sexy red dress and fishnet stockings for??? 😳


I ****ing died at WBC’s scream of terror and clothes exploding at his embarrassing photo LOL


I’ll join in with the folks saying they need a lactic acid bacteria plushy (which is definitely not a sentence I though I’d ever say) that say “”Nyuu!”” when you press it. They’re adorable.


So it’s that time again to feel sad for Cancer cell huh? And since the last lactic bacteria is left, it will probably play a part in defeating Cancer. Honestly, this show. I demand plushies of Lactic acid bacterias! Those could be selling even better than Platelets merch, especially if the plushies will be saying “”Nyuuu”” after pressing their bellies or patting their heads.


Those photos were amazing! I need more of Chuuni NK cell or basically any cute NK cell moment. XD


I would pay any amount of money for a set of plushie lactic acid bacteria


I lost it when I saw KillerT cell in a dress 😂😂😂 And hype for return of Cancer cell!


No dirt on Macrophage because they’re obviously best girls .


That’s their secret – they’re always activated.


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第6話 悪玉菌

第6話 海外の反応・感想

This episode more than before reminds me a lot of One-Punch Man’s writing/style, with the contrast between the silly humor and the serious battle scenes with evil looking villains, plus the banter between the heroes NK, Killer Memory T and WBC, I love it! Platelets are super adorable! That museum guide lady totally just ditched them to save herself though lol


Wha-what? THOSE LEGS, DAMN! You can’t just leave us on a cliffhanger like that! So, the body isn’t doing too hot, eh? Intestines aren’t doing well, AND cancer cell is back. I’m glad we got to see RBC again, and the platelets were cute as always. The final good bacteria we had was pretty cute too. Overall, great episode! I see Killer T-cell is memory T-cell now. Did he get a promotion?


When compared to Black the big threat of “”uneven gut bacteria”” loses some of its punch.


Damn, there are lots of various stuff in large intestine. Now, how do I put more cute, good bacteria here..? Balanced diet can help with that, I guess.


Is it just me or is the RBC not getting enough screentime? Maybe it’s because Black! focuses on the rookie RBC


Maybe to compensate for the lack of Lactic Acid Bacteria cuteness, this episode overloads our moe senses with more Platelets having fun. HNNNNG Welp, Cancer Boi is back. He’s much stronger than before, perhaps he’s attempting to cause colon cancer which might explain why the large intestine area here is having so many issues right now. And the one to save them all will probably be the most unlikeliest tiny guy of them all – the Black Lactic Acid Bacteria.


Lactic acid bacteria >> platelets when it comes to cuteness. I really want one of those “”good bacteria”” balloons! Also, when did NK get herself a lightsaber, lol…

乳酸菌>>血小板 どちらが可愛いかと言われれば。まじで1つ乳酸菌の風船が欲しい!後、ナチュラルキラー細胞がライトセーバーをゲットしたとき…笑

Ah some more Platelet interaction was nice and seeing NK and Memory Cell’s rivalry from Season 1 pop up again was hilarious. Was also pretty interesting to see Goblet and Intestinal Epithelial Cells producing mucus and their roles in the body.A dual invasion by cancer and bacteria in the intestines. Would say this body is unlucky but compared to Black, this isn’t much. It looks like next episode we will see someone new come in to push back the enemy and help turn the tide. Can’t believe there are only two more episodes to this season.Also, when did NK get herself a lightsaber, lol…


Oh well, RBC onee-chan will take care of them.


The quality of the art, animation, and directing for this episode was damned strong. The camera pans, the great comedic moments with the timings, the pretty good action shots. It’s all great. To be expected from the studio I guess.


I guess now would be a good time to ask since the anime still hasn’t mentioned it. Does anyone here know exactly which Lactic Bacteria the 4 bacteria shown in the past few episodes are? Especially the one that eats purins, because that one looks like it might be super useful to add into a person’s diet.




Pretty neat how this episode came out just after I took a ****


Wow…same here


NK and Kil-sorry Memory T-Cell were hilarious! Loved how WBC and OC were trying to hide the last bacteria from those two but they knew haha! That ano ne and ne was literally super cute and made me feel so happy since I just finished watching the latest Cells at Work Black ep (flipping blood clots 🙁 ) Can’t wait for the final two episodes! <3

ナチュラルキラーとキラーおっとメモリーT 最高や!好中球と一般細胞君が一生懸命最後のバクテリアを隠そうとしてるけど、もうばれてるって言うの好きだった!血小板ちゃんのあのねもひたすら幸せになれた、ブラックのエピソード見た後だったから。どっちも最終回が待ちきれない!

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第7話 がん細胞Ⅱ(前編)

第7話 海外の反応・感想

No one gonna talk about the fact that we had a 3 min 15 something second recap on an anime with 8 episodes on the second last ep. Come on David Productions I thought you were better than this.


Pretty great episode! Even as a cell Subaru is still suffering. I like how they made Cancer cells motivation all about liberating all the cells through death or some ****, it honestly really makes sense for cancer cell lmao. He looked hella badass though this episode especially with that shot with his wings. Regulatory T Cell is cool too and she’s just doing her job so I can’t blame her since Cancer cell is technically not an external threat. 1 more episode left ****. But from the preview it’s gonna be great. I hoper there’s at least a movie after this season to conclude the series, would be nice.


biologically speaking, what does it mean for the cancer cell to absorb (?) harmful bacteria toxins?


OMG Regulatory T-Cell, what are you doing?? And I love Hayami Saori to bits, so it saddens me when her characters are being antagonistic to our heroes. Typical Shounen Battle Anime trope: She’s being brainwashed by Cancer Boi into believing he’s part of the body. Maybe some sort of medicine/operational procedure will wake her to her senses.


This got darker than Code Black very fast holy ****


Haha remember when Red Blood Cell was the main character I don’t


Not gonna lie thought I was watching Cells at Work Black for a hot minute. It wasn’t the typical funny Cells at Work I was used to watching especially after Black. Nonetheless a very good episode! Can’t wait to see the finale!


You know, the body is actually a dystopian society from the cell’s perspective. Cell’s are not born but made from a factory and are assigned roles to perform that they cannot deviate from. Any cells that goes against the norm are considered dangerous and are terminated and the governing body is more important than any individual cell. I mean they even don’t have any real names but numbers to call by.


That was intense! Very philosophical and deep by Cancer Cell. What is the purpose? Why sacrifice when we can all live freely, albeit for a limited time? Why not spread our ideals to the rest of the body? This is the darkest timeline for this body, and probably darker than Black (yeah that body has a host of other problems, but nothing is worse than cancer).


Explains why cancer is sometimes so hard to eliminate. It tricks the body into thinking there’s nothing wrong and thus white blood cells can’t/won’t attack them.


Regulatory T Cell, top ten anime immune system betrayals material right there


I’m always learning stuff with this anime. Cell and Lactic Acid bacteria’s parting was too sad. I hope Lactic Acid bacteria is on its way to grab help.


You…you can’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that again! So, we found out the identity of those nice legs. I thought for a sec regulatory T cell was gonna help, but looks like that isn’t happening. Cancer cell’s transformation is pretty badass ngl. You can see the wings and the DNA strips crumbling…it really is sweet. Also, looks like the final lactic acid bacteria isn’t transforming this episode. Honestly, I love how regular cell is like a father to the little cells. Look at the way he cares about them! On that note, it really was sad to see him yell at the lactic acid bacteria to protect him from the harmful bacteria so he would run away. Painful to watch… Can’t wait for next episode!


Explains why cancer is sometimes so hard to eliminate. It tricks the body into thinking there’s nothing wrong and thus white blood cells can’t/won’t attack them.


Sometimes your own body is your worst enemy.


I’d thought that the animation quality had gone down since Season 1, but the fight scenes and Cancer Cell’s “”transformation”” in this episode sure proved me wrong!


I want a plush of Lactic Acid bacteria so badly, please make one. It’s so cute!


Regulatory t-cell is sure scary.


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第8話 がん細胞Ⅱ(後編)

第8話 海外の反応・感想

I’ve only known Lactic Acid Bacteria for a few episodes, but if anything happens to them i’ll kill everyone in this thread and then myself.


That was cool finale, I really enjoyed the episodes from when regular cell first showed up until here, though I kind of wished Red Blood Cell had more role. The Perforin Cannon Punch was pretty ****ing great, and Regulatory T Cell was hilarious when she’s not trying to kill you lmao. Poor Cancer Cell, but that is the way things are meant to be, at least White Blood Cell delivered the final blow. I really hope we get a season 3 or a movie or an OVA or something, since I heard there was a Covid chapter, that’d be nice to see. Overall this season was a 7.5/10

いい最終回だった。制御性T細胞が出てきてから今までは特に楽しませてもらった、けどもう少し赤血球ちゃんが登場してくれてたらもっと良かったな。パーフォリンキャノンパンチなかなかカッコよかったしかもその時の制御性T細胞さん急に守るのやめて面白かった。それにしてもかわいそうな癌細胞よ。けどこれが体のためなんだわかってくれ。そして白血球は少なくとも最後の一撃は決めることができたな。3期かOVAか何かがもう一回戻ってくるの、ほんっとうに願ってる。聞いた話だと、コロナの回があるらしいから絶対面白いと思うんだよね、全体評価は 7.5/10

I’m gonna miss cancer, as freaking awkward as that sounds. He was a cool villain.


Glad we got a Season 2 of this amazing story all be it it only lasted eight episodes. Guess I can always turn to the manga to see the other storylines. Sounds like the manga did a story about COVID. Gotta go read that.


Happy fun time with Hataraku Saibou is over. Time to cry every week with Hataraku Saibou Black…😭💔


Memory T Netero his way to his own secret technique to beat the hell out of Cll.


I wouldn’t mind at all more material of this one or any other spin-off of this franchise, it’s so good. Btw, that pink furry fox bacteria was cute as hell.


Im soooooooo upset that this is only 8 episodes. like why??? At least they have some sort of ova coming out so we can look forward to that i guess. Genuinely i love this anime. The fighting, the informative narration, the plot, EVERYTHING! 8/10 for me!


I was surprised that this was already the final episode for season 2. But anyway this was a great arc for the season ender with Cancer cell as the final boss. Hopefully we can get a season 3 in the future 🙂


Regulatory T-Cell with the best dodge in anime Just breaks at the knees to get away from that punch once she realized it couldn’t be stopped. That ending scene with RBC and WBC talking to each other and seeing it through their view points was fantastic. I don’t think this season was as strong as the first one but still a good watch, I hope they make more if they can do the other illness stories justice


Such a sad week for both shows. In Black, you have MC having suicidal thoughts in the next episode and this series’ next episides oh wait no it already ended. That was a good run but I think I enjoyed Season 1 better. I highly doubt we are getting a Season 3 of this series due to lacking manga content.


The huge stampede of “”Nyuuu~”” as the lactic acid bacteria crushed the harmful bacteria was just too adorable! If they ever make merch of these little guys, I’d be first in line to buy. I also love how everyone is aware of just how big of a dork Killer T/Memory T is. Regulatory T, his fellow thymocytes, the Naive T cells… It’s like an unspoken truth, lol


Does this mean all of the manga’s been adapted or is there enough for a season 3 at a later date?


The whole scene where the bacteria were threatening the cell boy made the show feel like it was made for really little kids.


I haven’t watched the episode yet but it’s confirmed then? This season only has 8 episodes?


Don’t really get the 8 episode season. Don’t get why Red Blood Cell got relegated to a supporting role. Meh endingseason1>season2.    → I don’t mind Red Blood Cell being on the sidelines a bit, there’s only so many stories where a red blood cell has to be involved and she still popped up where important. Better that then shoving her into everything and her gag becoming tedious.

シーズン1>シーズン2 → 赤血球ちゃんが少しメインから外れるのはそんなに気にしてない赤血球ちゃんが関係してる話もわりとあったし、大切な話のときにはちゃんと登場してるから。全部に押し込んでギャグがつまらなくなるよりまし。

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