アニメ『のんのんびより のんすとっぷ』海外の反応・感想【全12話】


この記事では、アニメ『のんのんびより のんすとっぷ』(のんのんびより 3期)の1話から最終話までの海外の反応・感想を全てまとめてご紹介します。




The whole world needs this right now.

今世界に求められているのは「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」だね。

Yuru Camp S2 and Non Non Biyori S3 at the same time at the very beginning of 2021 to help us all heal from our post-2020 PSTD is an act of God. Change my mind.


Winter 2021 anime is just too good, perfect after the worse year of 2020


I’m crying, January 2021 is my paradise for this and yuru camp ≥﹏≤

もう今泣いちゃってるよ。2021年1月は「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」とゆるキャンがあるから僕にとってパラダイスだよ≥﹏≤

Is like a old friend visit you again and they remain you : life is great , you are great and everything will be ok.


non non biyori is the embodiment of wholesome and peacefulness.


So, can Suguru finally speak in this season ?


Oh yeah, I miss you Ren-chon. 2021, give us some wonderful anime.

れんちょんに会えなくて寂しかったよ。 2021年さん、今年はどうか俺たちにワンダフルなアニメをいくつも観させてね。

Just a usually Renchon with her daily life, but with more cutest! This new year will be the best!

れんちょんの何気ない日常を映し出しているだけなんだけど、それがとっても可愛らしいんだよ!「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」はきっと今年1のアニメになるよ!

Heaven is in Earth~ I miss Nano Ripe’s song so muchh

天国は地上にあったんだな。 nano.RIPEの歌がとっても待ち遠しいよ。

The music seems to be great in the upcoming season!


Kawaii anime must protecct


Most healing anime at all time. Country road, take me home, to the place they belong, west of Ogawa – Saitama. Take me home country road.

一番癒されるアニメだよね。 Country road, take me home, to the place they belong(彼らのいるあの場所へ), west of Ogawa – Saitama(小川町-埼玉). Take me home country road. *注:「カントリーロード」をのんのんびよりの聖地「小川町」に言い換えたパロディ歌詞

Thank you for this Silver Link. I can stop hating happiness and my life for a while.

SILVER LINK(*制作会社)には感謝しないとね。「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」を見ている間は他人の幸せを妬んだり、自己嫌悪をやめられるよ。

The past days I’ve been leaving Non non Biyori’s OST playing in the background and now the PV for season 3 releases… I still remember the morning I woke up to the announcement of season 3 of my favorite anime (exactly how I visioned it would happen); I was very happy and got a few tears =‘). Everyone… Nyanpasuu~~ ^_^

これまではのんのんびよりのサウンドトラックをバックグラウンド再生して聞いているしかなかったけど、ようやくシーズン3のPVが発表されたね…。 大好きなのんのんびよりのシーズン3が発表された朝の日のことをいまだに覚えているんだ(その時の光景を今でも正確に思いだせるよ)。とっても嬉しかったし、少し涙も出てきたんだ(TT;) みんな…にゃんぱす~^_^

Wait is Akane gonna say “”desu”” at the end of her sentences this season?? Hear closely


Finally! After almost 2 years of waiting ever since it was first announced back in 2019, the anime is gonna be released in Jan 2021 next year! As a huge fan of the Non Non Biyori franchise,I prefer this relaxing slice of life anime rather than most of the similar titles that only focuses on CGDCT without any context at all. Yuru camp S2 and NNBY S3 are certainly the perfect anime to watch after all the hectic events that happened in 2020. Cant wait!

ついにだよ!2019年にはじめて告知されてから来年2021年1月に放送するまでこの2年間ずっと待っていたよ!のんのんびよりシリーズの熱烈なファンとして、中身の全くない他の日常系アニメじゃなくって、リラックスさせてくれる「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」が好きなんだ! ゆるキャンシーズン2とのんのんびよりシーズン3は色々あった2020年の後に見るには最高のアニメだよ!もう待てない!

what’s with that Hotaru’s voice though? It looks like Megu from Gochiusa has taken over her body.


I’m happy to finally see and hear both Akane Shinoda and Shiori for the first time as anime characters. Thank you for the English subtitles.

ついにアニメで篠田あかねとしおりを観ることができてとっても嬉しいよ。 英字幕もつけてくれてありがとうね。

Natsumi-chan, Hotarun, Komachan, Nii-chan, and… the most precious and innocent character in the entire Japanese countryside! Renchon! Nyanpasu~~! Mother****er! >.

夏海ちゃん、ほたるん、こまちゃん、にいちゃん…。日本の田舎でとてもかわいくて無邪気なキャラクターだよね、そして何より、れんちょん!にゃんぱす~~! マザーファッカー(最高)!

one of the most heart warming anime is back!!!!


I am so super hyped for this. I am gonna rewatch Non Non Biyori and Non Non Biyori Repeat before I watch this. This show is preserving my sanity to a really really really rough year.

私は「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」が放送されることにとっても興奮しているわ。シーズン3が始める前にもう一度シーズン1とシーズン2を観直しておくわ! このアニメはこんなにも荒れた年に私の正気を保たせてくれるものだわ。

第1話 カエルの歌を吹いた

第1話 海外の反応・感想

Renge is still going on the “”Do we live in the country?”” thing.


I’ve been waiting for this moment Edit: Just watched it. Nothing like scenes of their town and sounds of nature to set the vibe going in. Not sure how I feel about people playing the recorder not named Renge. Speaking of Renge her antics are always hilarious. Was nice to see this other girl make some friends. This show will always warm my heart.

この瞬間を待っていました。 ちょうど見終わりました。彼女達の何もない街と自然の音は雰囲気を出してますね。リコーダーをみんなが吹いているときはどう感じていいかわからない。レンゲがふざけているところはいつも面白い。あの女の子と友達になれてよかったね。「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」はいつも私の心を温めてくれます。

I can’t believe they kicked it off with that stupid tape-doll skit. I love it. I missed these adorable idiots so much.
New girl is cute too.


That long silent moment with the tape doll holding the baby tape doll had me cackling hard.


It was everything I hoped it could be. The vibe is just so nice, felt like ages since I’ve seen NNB


Non Non Biyori’s abundant pastoral shots are like animated nostalgia. The beginning of every episode makes me feel like I’ve stepped back into the bright, sunny days of my childhood.


Watched the entire episode with a big smile on my face, just happy to have more Non Non Biyori in my life 🙂


The wonderful background art and comfy vibes are just as great as they were in the previous seasons. Looking forward to seeing more of Akane-chan and her interactions with the rest of the cast!


I love Renge. She’s the best. Chaotic good.


I swear i thought that the first shots of the countryside were real, amazing art there Silver Link!


God, how I missed that show. It really has just the right amount of calming atmosphere and on-point comedy. And something that had also slipped my mind since I last watched an episode (although it probably was the movie), was just how good the visuals and especially the backgrounds are. The same cast is back with some additions, of whom we’ve only seen Akane so far. At this point there isn’t anything too special to say about her, but I think she’ll make a good addition to the main group. Looking forward to see more of her, although it seems like a bit of a strange choice to add new characters, considering this will be the same year as the previous seasons again and there are probably many occasions that make it strange to only have them appearing now. But eh, whatever, it will be fun and somehow work.

ああ、どれだけ「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」を待っていたことか。このアニメは本当に落ち着く雰囲気と合っている。最後に見てから忘れていたけど画と特に背景にが良かったか思い出した。今のところ追加されたキャラクターはあかねだけですね。今のところ彼女には特にコメントはないけどきっと良い追加になると思います。もっと彼女を見たいです。 だけど新キャラを登場させるのは不思議な感じがします。前期と同じ年だと思うので色々な場面で違和感が出てくるかもしれないけど、まあなんとかなると思います。

The new opening and ending both are fine, although I’m not the biggest fan of the opening (yet). Maybe I’ll get to like it more over the coming weeks. The ending… well, it’s a Non Non Biyori ending, so it does what it has to do. Overall I’m really looking forward for more of this; Non Non Biyori is one of my favorite franchises, so I was really excited for the new season.


It has been over 5 years since season 2. And even with a simple premise and no real story, this show still gets a big laugh out of me. I have 9 shows that I am watching atm, and secretly, this is my favorite of the season. I love the op and ed, and seeing the cast back warms my heart. Also, love the new character. Now that this show has started, this anime season has really started. Here’s to more Nyanpasu’s!

2期から5年が経ってますが、このシンプルでストーリーがないアニメに大笑いさせられます。今期9つのアニメを見ていますが秘密だけどのんのんびよりが1番好きです。オープニングとエンディングも好きだし登場人物が戻ってきて私の心を温めてくれています。それと新キャラも良いです。私の中で「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」が始まって今期のアニメシーズンが本当に始まりました。にゃんぱすーに乾杯。

NNB is such a lifesaver of distraction from real life…


Lovely, just lovely. In fact, so far it looks like it’s going to be just as lovely as S1 and S2. I’m glad to see the girls again, especially Renge and Komari. And once again, Non Non Biyori successfully makes me want to live in the country side of Japan.


Really good opening episode that showcases all the things we love about the series: beautiful scenery, a relaxed pace of life, humour that feels very natural instead of being forced, and soothing, peaceful music. Non Non Biyori’s back, guys.


The episode made legit snort and have tears of laughter, such great comedic timing. Especially that toad, with how Renge was walking it.


What’s the tune that Natsumi plays on the recorder? Yui from K-On also plays the same tune on the guitar when she’s first learning.


This is the only show that matters this season


I was hoping that they would be a year older, to see how they develop but i guess Renge will be an eternal first grader.


nyanpasu is back


Lovely, just lovely. In fact, so far it looks like it’s going to be just as lovely as S1 and S2. I’m glad to see the girls again, especially Renge and Komari. And once again, Non Non Biyori successfully makes me want to live in the country side of Japan.


Do you have to watch the Non Non Biyori movie for S3 or is it just a side story kind of thing?


So great to have non non biyori back! The background art looks as amazing as ever!


The episode made legit snort and have tears of laughter, such great comedic timing. Especially that toad, with how Renee was walking it.


Question for a person who hasn’t watched past Non Non Biyori series before; is it okay to start for this season?


NNB doesn’t really have a real plot but start with S1 and 2. This way you know who everyone is. Best watching order is S1 -> S2 -> S2 OVA -> S1 OVA -> Movie -> S3

のんのんびよりにはプロット(流れ)はないから1期からじゃなくても問題ないけど、1期や2期から始めた方が登場人物がよく分かるからシーズンごとに見た方がいいよ。 オススメの順番としては、1期→2期→2期OVA→1期OVA→映画→3期かな。

It’s been… ****. I think the last time I watched NNB was S2 back in 2016 or so. It’s nice to see it return as comfy and as atmospheric as ever


A fun little culture note: the little jingle that Natsumi plays on the recorder is the “”Charumera song””, a song associated with noodle trucks (sort of like the Japanese equivalent of an ice cream truck jingle) (another example). Slice-of-life connoisseurs might have also heard it before in K-On!, where Yui also plays it when she forgets how to do chords.


Really good opening episode that showcases all the things we love about the series: beautiful scenery, a relaxed pace of life, humour that feels very natural instead of being forced, and soothing, peaceful music. Non Non Biyori’s back, guys.


It has been over 5 years since season 2. And even with a simple premise and no real story, this show still gets a big laugh out of me. I have 9 shows that I am watching atm, and secretly, this is my favorite of the season. I love the op and ed, and seeing the cast back warms my heart. Also, love the new character. Now that this show has started, this anime season has really started. Here’s to more Nyanpasu’s!


Oh, that was so sweet. I love Renge’s innocence and child excitement, yet how well behaved she is. The doll section was hilarious, especially with the baby. Hopefully Akane will accept her “”Aka-chan”” nickname, it’ll be charming to see her break out of her comfort zone with the rest of the cast.


Finally one of the comfiest shows to exist is back, and we even have a great addition to the cast right off the bat. Looks like they decided to go for a Repeat Repeat again…which means we could potentially have infinite seasons On another note, I seriously wouldn’t mind moving NNB (or half the entire season while we’re at it) to the next season because this one is just too stacked when you have both Yuru Camp and NNB in your favorites and are watching almost all the other sequels coming out.


翻訳元 reddit

第2話 蛍が大人っぽかった?

第2話 海外の反応・感想

Hotaru getting caught acting childish by Konomi is now one my favorite things.


Also I played with my cat the way the way she plays with her dog…Thats nothing to be embarassed about! 🙂


Poor brother, now people don’t even notice his presence anymore either. Soon he’ll vanish.


He’s just there… he’ll just always be there…


I swear I will never, ever tire of watching Renge be amazed by mundane stuff


Ren-chon is 100% the best part of the show. She’s extremely cute, just adorably quirky and is the exact type of kid, who is still a kid and does stuff, but is not a brat who can’t listen to people.


I’m amazed they had the materials on hand for a tomato condo. Could this the roumored inaka power?


Hotaru dying inside after getting off the train is so damn funny. Hotaru episodes really are the best.


Renge’s face after hearing bell peppers, looks like she’s contemplating her existence.


This was probably my favourite NNB episode ever, Hotaru is my favourite character and I love her childish self.


Remarkably-large-child Hotaru is one of Hotaru’s best forms. It’s a close cousin to the Aggressive Hotarun form we saw in previous seasons.


Renge realizing her mistake to help out when Kazu-nee said they’re planting bell pepper was just hilarious! Also that needs to be a new comment face.


Renge really says the most adorable things. I love how much she’s worried about the tomato plants. And her reaction when they finally built the greenhouse is just too precious!


I feel like Hotaru’s collection of her own handmade Komari dolls just keeps on increasing every season. I feel like the next time her entire room will be covered.


More practice with Konomi and the new girl Akane! I didn’t think we’d see her again this quick!


It’s been forever since the last time I’ve seen Hotaru act very spoiled. Not gonna lie, it’s actually a bit strange since she really does look like a high schooler despite her acting normally for her age. xD


Hotaru’s reaction when she realized that Konomi was there on the train too is just too good! I love that Hotaru goes completely into panic mode.


The biggest surprise of this episode was Kazu-nee actually doing some proper work


This week reminded me of how much I’d love a silent episode which just follows the elder brother around. Helping out the others in little ways, kind of like the straw millionaire scene in Yuru Yuri.


What the hell, even I completely forgot Hotaru is only 10 years old lol


I didn’t know that’s how greenhouses were built, either. I didn’t think you could just casually build one like that. It looks like a big tent. If they already had the poles and vinyl on hand, then I guess they buy them as kits and just build them as needed. Makes sense.


Do they grow some mutant species of bizarro bell peppers in Japan? Cause I don’t think they taste bitter at all.


According to what I’ve looked up, Japanese bell peppers do seem to be a different variety; smaller and maybe with a more bitter aftertaste, but I haven’t had one myself so I can’t compare.


No show makes me as happy as this one does per episode. I’m still ecstatic it got a third season.


Hotaru once again showing why she’s Best Girl. She has that good mix of Surprisingly Mature while still reminding us that she’s still in grade school and thus Adorably Acting Her Age.


Glasses-kun casually walking around the house like a phantom like it was nothing while the others were entertaining Akane was great as well.


First, Renge reactions were as always incredible. Empathy for plants cute and incredible, as was Komari throwing dirt in her sister’s face. Also, being Nattsun is suffering Then Akane returns and meets the rest of the gang, cute but ninja Nii-chan was a true star. Sneaky as always. Also, I just realised there’s 1 year of difference between him and Akane. And Hotaru yet again being mistaken for an older person. Nice version of one of most famous OSTs with violins in this section

植物に感情移入をしているところとか、れんげのリアクションに毎回驚く。それとかこまりが土を夏海にかけたところも良かった。なっつんは大変そう。あかねが残りの登場人物にあったところは可愛かったけどお兄ちゃんが本当の主役だった。いつも通り卑怯。それとあかねと彼が一歳違いだと気がついた。 ほたるはまた年上だと間違えられるんだね。

Amazing episode, love it when nii-chan is just doing his own thing in the background Also Renge’s general attitude, like how she wanted to welcome the tomatoes into the greenhouse

兄ちゃんが裏でやるべきことをしているのが好きです。素晴らしいエピソードでした。 れんげのビニールハウスに人を迎え入れるときも同じく良かったです。

This episode was fantastic and I loved every second of it. But give us Kaede okudaplease! She’s my favorite character of the show but hasn’t made an appearance yet 🙁

今回の話はファンタスティックだったし、どの場面も良かったね。 でも、早く楓を出して!彼女は僕のお気に入りなのに、まだ出てこないんなんて 🙁

I am so confused. Season 1 makes it seem like Hotaru never met Konomi until autumn. Konomi also doesn’t show up until after Summer break in S2 (though I feel earlier than S2). However, the Movie+this episode makes it clear the two met each other relatively soon after Hotaru moved in… Adaptation issue that was just never addressed?


The OP makes me feel like I’m playing sonic adventure 2


I’m glad we’re starting to see more of Konomi this season (so far). She’s a great character but the previous seasons and even the movie didn’t give her a lot of screentime, in my opinion. So it’s great that she’s getting her chance in the limelight this time around.


That bell pepper part killed me haha renge is too funny. Oh man this show is just so relaxing and fun

ピーマンの話は面白すぎたよはは。れんげがとっても面白かったね。 あー、「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」を見るとほんと楽しいしリラックスできるよ。

Kind of a whole lot of Konomi this season so far, which is kind of odd. I wonder if they are mixing more supporting characters in to keep things interesting, but I think it would have been better to mix things up more rather than have two Konomi-episodes in a row. Next week appears to be Hikage’s turn. I hope we’ll see Dagashi-ya soon.


Hotarun is such a treat. I love when she acts like the spoiled grade schooler she is.


This week reminded me of how much I’d love a silent episode which just follows the elder brother around. Helping out the others in little ways, kind of like the straw millionaire scene in Yuru Yuri.


Hotaru being cute as always, I love her and I’m so happy this episode focused on her.


Amazing episode, love it when nii-chan is just doing his own thing in the background Also Renge’s general attitude, like how she wanted to welcome the tomatoes into the greenhouse

素晴らしいエピソードだったよ。兄ちゃんが裏で自分のことを黙々とやる場面は良かったね。 それにれんげのトマトをビニールハウスに招待したがっている姿全般も良かったよ。

Hotaru once again showing why she’s Best Girl. She has that good mix of Surprisingly Mature while still reminding us that she’s still in grade school and thus Adorably Acting Her Age. Glasses-kun casually walking around the house like a phantom like it was nothing while the others were entertaining Akane was great as well.

ほたるがベストガールな所以を今一度見せてくれたよ。彼女はとても大人びている部分と、小学生らしい年相応の可愛らしさをバランスよく持ち合わせているよね。 メガネくんはまるでファントムのように気配を見せないで家の中を歩いていて、あかねを驚かせていたのも素晴らしかったよ。

Do they grow some mutant species of bizarro bell peppers in Japan? Cause I don’t think they taste bitter at all.


According to what I’ve looked up, Japanese bell peppers do seem to be a different variety; smaller and maybe with a more bitter aftertaste, but I haven’t had one myself so I can’t compare. In Japan, bell peppers are the stereotypical “”yucky vegetable that kids hate””, sort of like broccoli in the Americas. Apparently kids in Japan are fine with broccoli:

僕が調べた情報だと、日本のピーマンは品種が違うらしいよ。小さくて後味が苦いそうだね。でも、僕は食べたことないから実際の味はよく分からないんだけどね。 日本では、子供たちの嫌いな野菜の代表としてピーマンがあるんだ。アメリカで言うブロッコリーみたいにね。どうやら日本の子供はブロッコリーは大丈夫らしいよ。

First, Renge reactions were as always incredible. Empathy for plants cute and incredible, as was Komari throwing dirt in her sister’s face. Also, being Nattsun is suffering Then Akane returns and meets the rest of the gang, cute but ninja Nii-chan was a true star. Sneaky as always. Also, I just realised there’s 1 year of difference between him and Akane. And Hotaru yet again being mistaken for an older person. Nice version of one of most famous OSTs with violins in this section Anyway, looking forward to upcoming episodes and hoping a certain someone shows up sooner than later

初めのパートでは、れんげのリアクションにはいつも驚かされるよ。植物に感情移入していて可愛らしいね。それにこまりがなっつんの顔に土をかけたり、なっつんが苦しんでいる姿も面白かったよ。 それから、あかねが残りのみんなに会った話ではあかねが可愛かったね。でもニンジャの兄ちゃんが真のスターだよ。いつも通り陰でいつの間にか動いていてね。あと気付いたんだけど、あかねと兄ちゃんって1歳差なんだよね。それと、ほたるはまた年上と間違われてたね。ここのパートでサウンドトラックの中でも有名な曲のバイオリンバージョンで流れてたね。 とにかく、次の話も楽しみだし、すぐにでもあの人が出てきてくれることを願うよ。

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第3話 昔からこうだった

第3話 海外の反応・感想

Did we just jump all the way to summer vacation (Since that’s when Hikage shows up for the first time the last two seasons)? Or is it something like Golden Week? Man, trying to figure out the chronology of this new season is driving me nuts.


Seeing Hikage makes me wonder what Renge would be like at that age. Love seeing Natsumi and Hikage’s backstory. Always found them to have similar energy.

ひかげを見ていると将来れんげがひかげくらいの年になった時にどうなるのかよく分かるね。 夏海とひかげの過去の話を観れるのはほんと嬉しいね。アクティブな性格が二人とも似ているんだろうね。

I got chills when Hikage got kicked in the shin. Natsume, that’s too evil. Seems like we finally going to see dagashiya next episode.

ひかげが夏海にすね蹴りされたシーンはゾッとしちゃったよ。ほんと悪魔みたいな子だね。 次回はようやく駄菓子屋が観れるかな。

I love when a show makes me smile so hard that my face begins to hurt


That was a really nice, poignant moment between young Hikage and Natsumi 🙂 Doing shin kicks when you were a kid is one thing, but teaching them to other kids (in this case, Renge) when you get a little older is just… pure evil, Natsumi D:

本当良かったね。小さい頃のひかげと夏海のやり取りは心を打つようなシーンだったな。 子供の時に誰かにすね蹴りをすることもあるし、他の子にそのやり方を教えることもあるよね(今回の場合はれんげかな)。年齢は毎年重ねているけど、夏海は小悪魔みたいだね。

Hika-nee’s voice kept reminding me of Kaguya Luna


Is there any songs by Nano.Ripe’s that I’m missing? They do such great work with NNB openings and their ending to Devil is a Part-Timer as well.

私が聞き逃している nano.RIPEの曲は何かあるかな?のんのんびよりのOPもそうだし、はたらく魔王さま!のEDもそうだけど、ほんといい曲ばかりだね。

It was a surprise how much Hika-nee looked like Renge. Then it wasn’t a surprise at all, when Renge showed up. For Natsumi it’s the same old playmate.

ひか姉がれんげのようだったから驚いたよ。 れんげが現れた時には驚きはなくなってきたけどね。 夏海にとっては古くからの遊び友達なんだろうね。

If I were to think about Non Non Biyori as a sandwich, the bread would be character comedy (like Hikage and Natsumi trying to cover up their crimes) and the meat would be bittersweet/tender moments (like when Hikage consoles Natsumi after leaving her alone after school). It’s a great flavor combination.


Hika-nee episodes are usually more of the fun variety, but this was very sweet


I loved this episode. As usual with Non Non Biyori. Always thought Natsumi and Hikage made an explosive combo, but seeing the sweet and nostalgic side of it is charming too. I would also like to point out how, despite this not being a blockbuster, the animation has improved further this season, showing how much care and love the animators have put in this series.

今回のエピソードもほんと良かったよ。いつも通りののんのんびよりだったね。夏海とひかげのコンビの爆発力は相変わらずだったね。でもその中に甘い関係性やノスタルジックな感じが出てきていてチャーミングでもあるよね。 大ヒットしたというわけではないんだろうけど、アニメーションは前作よりもさらに良くなっているし、アニメーターの人たちは「のんのんびより」に愛情を注いでいるのが分かるよね。

I think this is the first time in 3 seasons that Hikage is more than just a shinkansen meme.


Where did Natsumi learn the forbidden move!?


Wasn’t expecting such a Hikage focused episode, that was great. Smol Natsumi was extremely cute. But the tease of having a character visit the candy store off screen without giving us some Kaede was cruel.

ひかげにスポットを当てたエピソードが観れるなんて思っても観なかったよ!とっても素晴らしかったね。小さい頃の夏海もとても可愛かったね。 でも駄菓子屋を登場人物が訪れるシーンがまだないというのはもったいぶっている感じだね。楓を出してくれないのは無慈悲だよ。

Little Natsumi is still as cute as before! Hikage is back which also means summer has already started. Compared to the other 2 seasons, this is the fastest we’ve gotten to summer. Autumn and winter episodes are my favorites so that’s what I’m hoping for. I also noticed the ED takes place in winter so I hope that’s a good sign.


What a sweet episode. Natsumi and Hika-nee are always a fun duo and seeing a glimpse into their past was really nice. Those shin kicks though….poor Hika-nee. That’s a dirty trick Natsumi.


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第4話 トマトを届けるサンタになった

第4話 海外の反応・感想

Love how Renge always take everything very seriously and to the next level, even playtime. XD Also, you can let your daughter run free in the whole town with less than 7 years. The countryside is really great in japan.

遊びの時であっても、いつも何事にも真剣に取り組んで次のステップに進もうとしているれんげがとても愛おしいよXD それと、7歳以下の子供に街中を自由に走らせることができるなんて、日本の田舎ってなんて素晴らしいんだろうね。

This may be my new favorite episode of series. Got me crying over Renge being an older sister, having Candy Store was wonderful, and Natsumi being a troll is always enjoying. This episode was wonderful. Had a bit of feels and a bit of comedy. This episode reminds me why I consider Non Non Biyori one of my top 5 series.


This is one of the best episodes of the whole series for me. Funny and adorable.


It is both perfectly fitting and absolutely hilarious that Natsume knows the number for the resident Police Officer.


At this point I think the show is just bullying Hikage.


This episode was so cute! I was smiling the whole time. Renge is just so sweet and wholesome. And we got to see Candy Store. As a wrestling fan, I was impressed how she put Natsumi in that leg headlock.


What I love is that I can picture in 5-6 years a grown up renge with her new friend taking the place of natsumi and the others, and in turn natsumi and the others becoming like candy store or konomi. I love this show to death.


Hotaru’s interactions with Pechi are always adorable 😀 It was nice to see Renge make a friend that’s close to her age 🙂

ぺちと遊んでいるほたるはいつも可愛らしいね:D 年の近い友達ができたれんげを見れて良かったよ:)

Ah Renge is so adorable, especially in onee-chan role 😀


Renchon is now the Onee-chan ^ ❤️. Shiori is cute, though weirdly, her voice actress voice a loli that have a similar name but not in a cute relaxing anime like this one > <


Episode was very funny, as is it most when the show is focused on Renge. Tickle Hell is the worst when you are stuck in it, but hilarious when you see others in it, or inflict it on somebody else. Also, surprisngly, Komari didn’t get any voice lines this episode.


I was so happy for Renge getting a friend her age again and she looks like she’ll keep it this time so that’s great. On a side note I’m suffering a severe lack of Koma-chan

れんげに同年代の友達がまた出来てほんと嬉しいよ。それに長く続きそうな関係だしほんと良かったね。 良くないこととしては、全然出てきてくれないからこまちゃんロスに陥っちゃってることだよ。

An all Renge episode. With a splash of Dagashiya. And Renge even gets a playmate. Perfect 10/10 episode. As always, it’s way too short and over in the blink of an eye but the dopamine infusion will last me through the week. My highlight of the episode (apart from Dagashiya who wins by default) was Renge and Shiori repeatedly saying Bye bye.

れんげ回だったね。駄菓子屋さんも出てきてくれたし。れんげに遊び友達もできたね。10点満点の回だったよ。いつも通り、「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」を観ると時間が速く過ぎてしまうような感じだけど、このアニメのおかげで一週間ドーパミンを出し続けながら頑張ることができるよ。 駄菓子屋さんが勝利した以外で今回の僕のハイライトは、れんげとしおりが何度もバイバイって言ってたところかな。

That part where Natsumi betrays hika-nee and holds her in place to get sprayed with the hose by renge had me dying. (Top 10 anime betrayals)


I’ve always wondered – how the hell does a candy story survive in that tiny-ass town? I believe it was mentioned in one of the previous seasons that they don’t even have a supermarket. I mean, not that this show has to be super realistic about stuff like that, but still.

いつも不思議に思っているんだけどさ、一体どうやって駄菓子屋さんはあんな小さな街で生き残っているんだろう?前期のどこかであの町にはスーパーマーケットがないって言ってたと思うんだけど。 僕は「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」でそんなに現実的になる必要はないとは思っているんだけど、なんとなく疑問に思ってさ。

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第5話 ものすごいものを作った

第5話 海外の反応・感想

Mecha Komagurumi? A weapon to surpass nyan-pasuu!?


Episode was going pretty good til Akane showed up. I dont know why the **** theyre giving her so much screentime, she annoying as hell. I hate meek ass characters.


I legit forgot about the mecha Koma-plush when Akane was walking home and audibly laughed when it showed up again. Hilarious episode. Not to mention Renge bringing back the slug on salt again at Akane. Man, Akane still has a lot of getting use to to the countryside lol. A comfy and funny episode as usual. What a nice way to a relax on a quiet lazy afternoon


We need more adventures of koma-plushie. Dissapointed megane-kun (komari and natsumi older brother) didn’t show up in this epi to make something out of this world for the project lol. But, great episode as usual.

もっとこまぐるみの冒険が観たいよ。 残念だったのはメガネ君(小鞠と夏海のお兄さん)が今回のエピソードでは登場しなかったことだよ。でも、いつも通り素晴らしいエピソードだったことには変わりないね。

One day Hotaru will make millions selling Koma-chan toys to the children of the world. But will she ever claim Komari’s heart?


These episodes go by way too fast. Pretty impressive of Hotaru to put together a robot. She even made it indestructible with great battery life. “”What if it showed up here?”” “”I would cry.”” Was probably my favorite part.

今回のエピソードも観ていたら時間が早く過ぎ去っちゃったよ。ロボットを組み立てる蛍がとても印象的だったね。超長持ちのバッテリーを持つロボットが作れてしまったようだしね。 「もしここで現れたらどうしよう?」「泣いちゃうかも」これらのシーンは僕のお気に入りのシーンになったよ。

Hotaru is still in elementary school and she cassually built an indestructible juggernaut, I could never get my school projects to move back in the day


Pechi HATES the mecha Koma-plushie


Mecha Koma-plushie is my new god.


I cannot get enough of Hotaru’s obsession with Sempai. Her room is getting more and more decked out with Koma-Chan dolls every season. It’s also pretty great how easily Komari dismisses it as something else each and every time she is presented with explicit evidence that Hotaru is obsessed with her.


Some say that, Mecha-Koma plushie still roams the countryside…Scaring travelers with its cuteness.


It’s super impressive that the 5th/6th grade Hotaru made robotic plush that speaks and senses walls. I was expecting Konomi to find the plush and unintentionally embarrass Hotaru again, but Akane finding it and freaking out Komari is definitely just as funny.


So… is this the same summer as that S1 episode where they all made koma-plushies? Maybe a couple days later? But then why would Natsumi be chasing Komari around and turning her into a robot, when she’s already finished with her free study project? Just harassing her for the fun of it? I’ve been getting doubtful about the timeline ever since Natsumi mentioned Keade shoving her down on skis, which shouldn’t have happened yet…

ええっと…これって1期でこまぐるみを大量に作っていた夏と同じ設定なんだよね?それとも数日後の話なのかな?でも夏海は小鞠を追いかけまわしてロボットに仮装させてたのはなんでだろう?もう既に自由研究は終わっていたのに。面白がって小鞠を困らせていただけなのかな? まだ時系列的にはやっていないスキーに関するくだりを夏海が楓に言ってから、ちょっと変だなと感じるようになってきちゃってるんだよね。

The greatest background music ever!


Poor Komari, gets some significant screen time for the first time this season and she gets soundly upstaged by a plushie version of herself.


Mecha Koma-plushie will be the mist have toy this christmas


This show made my lousy day and how bad I was feeling way, way better. I frickin love this show.

俺は「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」を観ると、現実のみじめな自分の生活やモヤモヤした気持ちが晴れ晴れするんだよ。クソ大好きだんだよ。

Best episode of this season so far.


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第6話 みんなでキャンプに行った

第6話 海外の反応・感想

I wonder if they will ever have to hire a voice actor for Brother kun.


I can’t believe Komari died from cardiac arrest induced by shock.


At first I thought the first half was a crossover with Yuru Camp, but didn’t expect it to also be a crossover with Higurashi. LOL While setting up the tent, Natsumi seems to enjoy herself while teaming up with Glasses-kun. She may no longer be an open brocon, but you can never really take the brocon out of her. In the second half, Kazu-nee and Ren-chon shows how to effectively guilt trip Hika-nee and Natsumi into finishing their summer vacation homework. The silent “”Are you winning, son?”” treatment was way more effectively than yelling at them to hurry up and finish it. XD

最初、今回の前半部分はゆるキャン△に通ずるものがあると思ったんだけど、まさかひぐらしにも通ずるものがあるとは思わなかったよ。 テントを張っている場面で、夏海はメガネ君と協力しながら楽しんでいるようだったね。もうブラコンじゃなくなっていると思ってたんだけど、ブラコンはなくしきれていなかったようだね。 後半部分では、カズねえとれんちょんの2人が、ひか姉と夏海の宿題を終わらせようとする方法が効果的だったね。ただ単に応援したり急がせたりするんじゃなくて、ああいった方法で言葉少なめに対応するのが効果的なんだね。

I’ve been saying this since the start of the series, we need megane-kun special epi. He looks like a cultured man with those waifu figures, plus the environment of being the only boy is interesting to see


This episode was the funniest so far, I ***ing love Hika-nee


This episode really broadened my horizons and expanded my understanding of Japanese culture. I’ve heard anime characters referred to as -san, -chan, -han, -sama, -chama, and even the occasional -chwama, but -ryon is a new one for me. Ren-ryon. It has a certain charm to it.


On a miserably cold winter day like today, this show warms the soul.

今日みたいな寒い冬に、「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」の暖かい雰囲気は心にしみるね。

This wasn’t bad but last episode was just so ****ing good that I don’t think any episode will reach the same height. I hope I’m wrong and we get more great episodes, man I love this anime so much


Oh nice two episodes of Yuru Camp in one week. As soon as I see Hikage on screen I know there will be suffering. Why is Hikage still friends with Natsumi?

一週間でゆるキャン△と両方が楽しめるってとってもお得だね。 いつもひかげを見ると気の毒に思っちゃうよ。どうしてひかげは夏海と友達付き合いをしてあげているんだろう?

Hikage with that english accent at the 14 min mark really caught me off guard. I kept listening to it again and again. This series is absolutely GOLD.


This time, the camping isn’t a life-threatening experience. Wonder if they caught any bugs


I appreciated this episode’s use of silent, almost motionless scene endings.


Yeah, I think one of Non Non Biyori signature styles is the silent pause. It’s used a lot to really nail punchlines, but it’s also used in some of the more bittersweet moments too. (Still waiting for the inevitable Candy Store+Renge scene.)


See I’ve always loved non non biyori, but after the komari plushie episode last week, it’s like on of my favourite series’s now


NNB is covering summer camping, while Yurucamp covers winter Also, that scene towards the end when summer vacation was over was really great, I liked how you could see the drawing Renge made of Natsumi and Aoi in Okinawa hanging on the wall

のんのんびよりはサマーキャンプを扱って、ゆるキャン△は冬を扱ってたね。 それに夏休みが終わりに近づく最後のシーンはとても素晴らしかったよ。それとれんげが描いた沖縄で出会ったあおいと夏海の絵が掛けられていたのを観れて良かったよ。

Every time Natsume and Hikage are together you know something hilarious is gonna happen.


My headcanon says they decided to go camping after watching Yuru Camp!


this was such a great episode


Loved the inclusion of Renge’s drawing she did of Natsumi and her friend from the Vacation movie when it showed Natsumi’s room. Speaking of, kind of a funny unintentional(?) meta with Hikage asking Natsumi if she knew about the English word ‘vacation’ when it’s literally the subtitle of their movie, lol


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第7話 ハラハラする秋だった

第7話 海外の反応・感想

Dagashi-ya was in this episode!


Even I’m surprised Renge knows what a Merlion is. Is the Merlion something that is known in other countries as well ?


In today’s episode of Non Non Biyori, Renge and Shiori have an existential crisis due to round things.


I think this might just be my favourite episode yet, I was laughing the whole way through


I really love the episodes where Natsumi gets to do what she’s good at and likes doing!


Oh man, when Renge asked for Dagashi-ya to visit for parents day. And then when she actually came. This is just the sweetest relationship in all of anime.


Shiori is a fearsome new addition to the cast.


Surprised renge didn’t bought shiori to hotaru””s house when shiori said she wanted a pet. And yes i agree with natsumi, that is some high level conversations for their age, hell even i don’t truly understand science till now. Can see shiori joining the school and becoming a genius alongside renge while kazu taking a nap. Then when it’s parents day, their parents will think kazu did a good job.

しおりがペットを飼いたいって言った時に、れんげは蛍の家に連れていかなかったのには驚いたね。あと、夏海の言ったことには僕も同意だよ。彼女たちはあの年齢にも関わらず、会話がハイレベルすぎるね。僕も正直今ですらサイエンスの話についていけないよ。 しおりが小学生になって、かずが寝ている間にれんげと一緒に天才になっていくのかな。そうすると、授業参観の日には、両親たちはかずの指導のおかげだと思うだろうね。

That talk between Renge and Shiori was one of the funniest things I’ve ever saw in an anime. God I love this so much.


I loved this episode ! Renge is so hilarious and we’ve all had one of those friends like shiori that questions every single answer/fact you give them. I love how Renge loves knowledge and learning. You can honestly tell she loves to learn about the world and the vast areas of academics. This anime is so subtly hilarious. I was dying the entire time! Candy store showed up so that’s another win!

今回のエピソードもとても良かったよ!れんげはとても面白かったし、色々なことに対して疑問を持って投げかけるしおりのような友達が登場してきて良かったね。れんげの新しい知識を吸収しようとする心構えが本当に好きだよ。世の中の事象やアカデミックな領域全般について知識を吸収しようとする彼女の姿勢は愛すべき点だよね。「のんのんびより のんすとっぷ」は本当に絶妙な面白さだよね。僕はずっと笑い死にそうだったよ。駄菓子屋が登場したということは、僕たちにとっては勝利に等しいね!

I really enjoyed this episode. It definitely relieves the stress that aot gives me every Sunday so I try to watch this afterwards. We’ve also had friends like Natsumi who have extremely helpful traits and superb general knowledge who don’t apply themselves in school. She’s just the student that most of us were. We love to learn but in different ways. Sitting down and studying from a book about boring things isn’t appealing to everyone.


I like kazu nee but shes such a lazy teacher. I dont even know if shes legally a teacher. She just lets them self study and doesn’t even “teach” them anything. All she does is sleep all day -_- I dont blame natsumi Kazu nee shouldve actually tried to help natsumi since shes the only problem child in the classroom ahaha With the way Kaede taught renge how to bike, I bet shed be a better teacher and shed drill the knowledge into natsumis head ><


I think the remoteness of the school means that she’s pretty much the only one able to do it. The class is 1, 5, 7 and 9. There isn’t a lot that can cover 4 different grades and it’s working to themselves and being an authority figure (is sleeping a class in Japanese schools?)


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第8話 先輩はもうすぐ受験だった

第8話 海外の反応・感想

Really great episode! I think like with Vacation, it feels a little bittersweet knowing the next year will never happen, since the same year keeps getting repeated, but that last scene with Konomi and Akane was still really touching! Also it’s so nice to see the drawing of Natsumi and Aoi is still in her room!

とっても素敵なエピソードだったよ!個人的には、来年どうなってるか分からない感じにちょっびりほろ苦さがあって、バケーションのようだったよ。のんのんびよりはずっと同じ一年を繰り返してるけど、このみとあかねとのラストシーンは胸を打ったよ! それに、夏海とあおいの絵が部屋にまだ合ったのはよかったね!

This is exactly what I love about this show. Looking at your own past and thinking about the problems that may seem small later in life, feeling so much more in the moment. Sometimes the small things in this show can mean a lot. And that’s why I love it.


I think this the first time I felt like I didn’t dislike Konomi. This really is the best season of the 3 if it can make me like Konomi.


Waiting 15 minutes for Renge to appear was painful.


Nice to see Akane making progress with her fear of playing the flute in front of other people, that entire scene where she plays it felt so nice and peaceful 🙂


I just want to put it out there that I would absolutely watch/read a Konomi and Akane focused spin-off.


I don’t think there has been an episode in all three seasons where Konomi was in every part. It’s great.


I’m gonna be so sad once this anime is over


B-but it has “”nonstop”” in its name. It can’t end, right? RIGHT?


You’ll be even sadder if it keeps going like the simpsons. The quality drops also like the simpsons


Akane is such a good girl. It’s a shame she’s just a side character in a late season of a show with such a large cast. I think she could make it as the main character in her own show, something like This Art Club Has a Problem. I would watch it. I like Konomi’s usual big braid and occasional twintails, but seeing her with her hair undone is great, too.

あかねはとても良い子だよね。こんな後のシーズンになって登場するには惜しいな。個人的にはあかねは彼女メインのアニメの主人公としてやっていけると思うんだけどね。「この美術部には問題がある」みたいにさ。作ってくれたら僕は観るよ。 三つ編みしてるこのみが好きだし、時々するツインテールも好きだな。でも何もしてない状態も良いよね。

I can understand Akane’s fear well. After all, I fear the end of the season drawing nearer in pretty much the same way.


Never change Natsumi. Even when it’s not her fault at all to begin with, somehow she just manages to make things even worse. Lol Akane gets lots of love this episode, her caring for Konomi is so sweet.

ずっとこのままでいてくれよ、夏海。 元々彼女が悪い訳じゃなかったことですらも、事態を悪化させちゃうんんだよね、彼女は。 あかねが登場するエピソードはほっこりするのが多いよね。彼女のこのみに対する気持ちはとてもスイートだよ。

MECHA RENGE !!! Konomi best senpai this anime as always is just to super wholesome, of course you can still stay friends with senpai when she goes to college Akane. As always everything is truly super nice and nothing ever goes wrong in this anime Unless your name is Natsumi…

メカれんげ!!! このみはこのアニメではいつでもとても健全で最高の先輩だよね。あかねだって、同じ大学に入学すれば先輩とそのまま友達同士で居続けることもできるんだよね。描かれる全てがスーパーナイスだし、欠点が一つも見つからないよ、このアニメは。 まぁ、もし君の名前が夏海だったら別かもしれないけど…。

Well that whole thing was super cute. Not like I’m actually waiting for the episode to end, but I can’t get enough of the ED. It’s so perfect.


Fortune does not come to those who are Natsumi-chan. Heck, Akane and Konomi are so cute together. The last thing I was expecting from this season was a brand new ship. At this rate, I really hope we can get a fourth season because this one keeps finding more and more ways to impress.

夏海ちゃんみたいな子には福は来ないんだね。 うん、あかねとこのみはどちらもとてもキュートだよね。新しいシーズンがまた始まってくれるといいなぁ。4期が放送されてくれると嬉しいんだけど。だって、毎回毎回新しい発見を見つけさせ続けてくれるからね。

I mean we still have Renge as the youngest It would honestly be amazing to see them grow up and mature. Plus we could finally see Natsumi join a biker gang or so /s

まだれんげは幼くて、もっと成長する姿を描くことだってできるんだから、4期以降もあると嬉しいよ。 それに、夏海だって暴走族とかに入ったりする姿も見られるかもしれないし。

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第9話 おいしいごはんを作った

第9話 海外の反応・感想

We finally get a Komari episode! I’m glad that even though the story repeats the same year, there’s still character development, like Komari finally being able to cook!


I feel like this episode gave Nii-chan actual character development in a way. Frequently when we see him, he’s busy being extraordinarily proficient at any number of things. But this time they showed off a silent fact: he’s in his final year of middle school. The show being yet another repeat of the same one year, what we’re shown are stories that take place in the same timeframe. With a single scene they explained why he’s around and why he’s invisible so much of the time… he’s studying for his high school exams. So, it’s not just that he’s the only boy, and the oldest and that he generally keeps to himself. It’s also that he’s cramming for entrance exams. Ganbatte Nii-chan

今回は兄ちゃんのキャラクターとしての成長が観れたエピソードだったと感じたよ。 彼が登場するシーンはよくあるけど、なんでもテキパキとこなしてて忙しそうだったよね。 でも、今回のエピソードは彼が中学校の最終学年って言う普段表立って出てこない事実にも触れていたよね。全シリーズでずっと同じ学年を繰り返してはいるけど、内容自体はリピートされているわけではないからね。 どうして彼が一緒に遊んだり登場しないのかについても、高校受験のために勉強しているからって理由もあったし。 彼は孤立しているっていうわけではないし、受験も控えているから他のキャラとの交流も少ないってことだったんだね。 頑張って、兄ちゃん。

Big ups on having a komari episode. When we are getting megane-kun episode only though?


Even the mom calls him Nii-chan. I loved how Komari just layed there when the weasel landed on her face. I was hoping when Nii-chan and Natsumi heard the story they’d go into full weasel hunter mode. We’ve seen him play Knock Down the Ruler we know he’s up for it.

母親も彼を兄ちゃんって呼んでたね。 イタチが小鞠の顔に着陸した場面で横たわっていた小鞠が愛おしかったよ。兄ちゃんと夏海がその話を聞いたときにイタチハンターモードになってほしいって期待したよ。定規落としの遊びの回で見たような兄ちゃんのやる気が観れると思ったんだけどね。

Komari is such a goofball 😀 If Natsumi stopped at the “”leg warmers”” Hotaru might have fell for it, but she got a little too into it 😀 The scene where Komari cooks with her mom was wholesome

小鞠はおバカさんだねはは もし夏海がレッグウォーマーで止めてたら、蛍は騙されてそのまま使っちゃっていただろうね笑 小鞠が母親と一緒に料理していたシーンは健全な感じで良かったね。

ah finally Komari gets her chance in the spotlight, her reactions were top notch. Over time I’ve definitely enjoyed her character more. Preview of next episode looks like a a lot of fun.


The brother really likes cat girls, a true man of culture


Why does the mom also call the guy nii san lol


A funny and comfy episode involving the Koshigaya family, focusing on Komari. She’s such an adorable goof I want to pat her head for doing her best Also Natsumi prevented Komari’s cooking demise even if indirectly lol

越谷家や特に小鞠をメインにしたファニーでほのぼのとしたエピソードだったね。小鞠はとっても可愛らしいよね。彼女が頑張った時には僕が頭をなでなでしてあげたいよ。 それと、夏海は小鞠の料理がやばくならないように止めてくれてたね。

I love Komari episodes and how much she fails at life. Komari in a nut shell this episode:


Komari is actually acting more adult-like in the second part.


A Koma-chan episode at last, and it was nearly all footage of her being bullied by the universe (and Natsumi) and having an existential crisis


Comic timing was top-notch this week.


Yeah I was glad to see it, I love Komari, and I feel like she’s been seriously underutilised this season so far. Before this episode the dog riding plushie version of her had been more significant.


Hotaru would try and eat anything her SENPAI made…


Wasn’t it also in previous seasons that “”Nyanpasu”” was only said in the first and last episode?


She’s one to try and act more adult but comes over as not knowing as much as she thinks she does. Think that’s partly the country side of her as Hotaru and Hika-nee would know more as they’re from the city


Seeing both the Childish and the Adult side of Komari in one episode…


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第10話 寒くなったりあったかくなったりした

第10話 海外の反応・感想

I was not expecting to be sad today.


I wish I didn’t wait 2 days to watch this episode. The first skit was amazing. And gotta love any Candy-Store screentime! Oh dang, had a beginning full of laughs, now a sweet scene with Honaka and Renge? Gotta love Candy-Store for being the MVP of this episode. These sweet episodes just bring me to tears. This show is just wonderful.


7:45-13:40 was the funniest **** I’ve seen all year. My sides still hurt, goddamn


When Non NOn Biyori had its first season I honestly thought it was one of the worst anime because “”nothing happened””. Now, on the contrary, it seems like a masterpiece to me. I wonder if everyone goes through this stage of hatred for CGDCT


Can we get a sequel of the new generation along with Renge in school while looking on at the others too? It is sad the manga ended


I’m not crying, you’re crying! Ren-chon finally got to reunite with Honoka-chin from Season 1, when Honoka left abruptly after only one day playing together with Ren-chon, it was one of the few times that made Ren-chon really cry in sadness. This time Ren-chon gets to finally play together with her again, and properly say goodbye when she leaves town. AHHHH too cute and wholesome. Oh, and there was also the brilliant first half featuring Konomi outsmarting Hika-nee, and Hika-nee getting into a literally “”heated”” argument in the blizzard. Next episode seems to be a flashback episode with young Candy Store and baby Ren-chon again.

みんな泣いても、僕は泣かないよ! れんちょんは1期から時間が経ったけど、ようやくほのかちんと再開できたね。1期で前日まで一緒に遊んでいたほのかが急に帰ってしまった時は、れんちょんにとって一番悲しい出来事だったんだよね。 今回はまた一緒に遊べたし、村を離れるときもちゃんとお別れの言葉も言えたんだね。あぁぁ、とってもキュートで良かったよ。 あ、前半部分でこのみがひか姉の裏をかいたのはとっても華麗だったね。ひか姉は吹雪の中で文字通り”熱い”けんかをしていたね。 次回はまた駄菓子屋とれんちょんの過去回になりそうだね。

Renge got to meet Honoka again!! 😭😭 im so glad they got to meet one last time! Also getting to see more of the winter landscape is so amazing! 🥰


Honoka is a top 10 anime comebacks. There was too little Renge the last few episodes, glad we got a Renge centric episode


“”Very touching moment between Renge and Honoka at the end, I didn’t expect we would get closure from their season 1 interaction, so that was really nice, especially with Renge getting to properly say goodbye this time 🙂 It was really funny watching Hikage losing her mind while trying to make sense out of Renge and Natsumi’s random story.

れんげとほのかの最後のシーンはとても感動的だったよ。1期での交流だけで終わりだとは思ってはなかったし、とても素敵だったね。特に今回はちゃんとれんげが別れの言葉を言えたシーンとかね。 ひかげがれんげと夏海の話を理解しようとしてるときに気を失ってる様子がとてもファニーだったよ。

It’s been a long time since I’ve harbored such feelings of happiness and sadness all at the same time. As another user had mentioned, it would’ve been amazing to have seen not only Renge grow up but alongside that, Honoka and Shiori.


I feel like I’ve become a stronger person whenever this anime makes me cry


From the preview and the next episode title it looks like a flashback episode Personally I can’t wait for a drunk Dagashi, fingers crossed we get to see that


First part featured Hikage getting punished for her greed which was so fun to watch. Kaede of course had money for Renge, so sweet. Then, warming up by tsukkomi provided us with a great comedy routine But the best part of the episode was Honoka’s return which I kinda saw coming from Renge checking mailbox. No need to describe it in details, it was so goddamn cute. As was Kaede seeing through things. I was afraid she will leave again but fortunately it didn’t happen. But my eyes were wet, Renge still struggling. A great episode, preview looks so interesting for the next one

前半部分では、ひかげが欲張った結果痛い目を見たけど、そのシーンはとても面白かったね。楓は当然だけどれんげにお金をあげていて、とてもスイートだったよ。それと、ツッコミのウォーミングアップを見ていると、コミカルなやり取りが始まるって思わせてくれるね。 でも、今週のハイライトはれんげが年賀状をチェックしていたシーンから始まるほのかとの再開のパートだよ。細かいことは言わなくてもみんな共感してくれると思うけど、とってもキュートに感じたよ。また彼女は何も言わず帰ってしまうのかと心配したけど、幸運なことに今回はそんなこと起こらなかったね。でも、ちょっと目頭が熱くなっちゃったよ。れんげはまだまだ色々なことにもがいたり経験したりしているよね。とっても素晴らしいエピソードだったよ。それと、次回予告もみたけど、次回もとっても面白そうだね。

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第11話 酔っぱらって思い出した

第11話 海外の反応・感想

This anime is hands down the best anime of the season besides AoT


When an episode like this is enough to make a grown adult like me shed a tear. It really hits hard when you’re part of the older ones in the circle and you get to see the younger people around you grow up. Longing for the moments where you can no longer go back.


AHHH Why is Baby Ren-chon so cute? Not just Candy Store, but also Kazu-nee getting sentimental over a night of sake gets the waterworks going for all of us. And next episode looks like Onii-chan’s graduation day, and the beginning of a new school term. Shiori doesn’t look like she’s of school age for at least another year or two, so maybe a timeskip where it’ll be Koma-chan’s turn to be the senior facing graduation. PS Koma-chan in her side ponytail is mesmerizing.

あはは、どうしてベイビーれんちょんはそんなに可愛いんだよ? 駄菓子屋だけじゃなくて、お酒を飲みながらセンチメンタルになっているかず姉たちを見ると僕たちも涙が出ちゃいそうだよ。 それと、次回は兄ちゃんの卒業式と新しい学年の始まりのようだね。しおりが一緒に登校するようになるまでまだあと1、2年はかかりそうだね。だから次はこまちゃんが中学校を卒業するターンになるのかな。 PS ポニーテールをサイドにしているこまちゃんはとても魅力的だね。

I didn’t think I would ever cry from watching a Non Non Biyori episode…


The episodes that follow the motherly side of Dagashi are just some of my favorite moments of the series. I really just always want more of this show. It’s just one of my favorites. I always feel that I have a rough time expressing how much I love this show. Since I do not know anyone personally that watches it. I am really glad I got into anime years ago and found reddit to vicariously express my feelings towards this show.


My Boi Nii-chan is growing up way too fast 😢. My comfy characters are gonna leave me in tears again 😭


We see again that renge is best girl. She’s already behaving like a parental figure toward shiori. We also see that she loves learning because of her knowledge about the egg sac. She’s so wise at such a young age. I always love seeing all the gang play together as well! The music in this anime never fails to amaze me. The beautiful moments of them playing and environmental shots while the music plays is so breathtaking. We got a bunch of candy store exposure, so that’s another win! It was so amazing when we saw her with baby renge and how she started to reflect on life. This was a very mature episode. NNB is the best slice of life ever created in my opinion.

れんげがベストガールだってことがまた証明されたね。彼女はしおりに対してもう親のように振舞っているよね。それと卵のうについての彼女の知識もそうだけど、勉強することが好きなんだよね。若いのにほんと賢いよ。それと彼女たちが遊んでいる様子をいつも観れるのも良いよね。アニメ内でのBGMも外せないよね。自然の中で遊んでいる美しい瞬間にあのBGMを聞くと感動するよ。 駄菓子屋がたくさん登場してくれたから、これはもう僕たちの勝ちだね!赤ちゃんのれんげと彼女のショットを見れたときや、彼女が人生について考えはじめていることがアメージングだったよ。今回は大人の階段を上っているようなエピソードだね。のんのんびよりはリアルな生活の断片を上手く描写しているんだよね。

This was so wholesome… Candy store and Renge’s relationship is too pure. I can relate to her sentimentality a lot

駄菓子屋のとれんげの関係性はとてもピュアで健全だよね。 駄菓子屋のセンチメンタルな気持ちには私も自分事のように共感しているよ。

I’m going to miss this show a whole damn lot


Konomi certainly has motherly aura, but Kaede earned the best mom title by sheer effort.


Is there enough source material left for another season?


Holy **** that episode was too cute Must be crazy to see how fast children grow up

ホーリーシット。今回のエピソードもとてもキュートだったよ。 子どもの成長の速さってとてもクレイジーだよ。

me before the episode: ah yes, an episode of NNB to end the week on a good note. me after the episode : ugly crying

11話を観る前までの俺→よし、のんのんびよりを観て気分よく一週間を終えよう。 11話視聴後の俺→大泣き

Damn, they really pulled out the best episode. Kaede and Renge are the high point of this show, and their relationship is such a joy to watch.


The manga ended recently or is ending really soon, and this episode had that feel to it mixed in with some funny and heart-warming moments. If you watched this series since it started back in 2013 thats 8 years I think its hard to not be sad its almost over.

漫画は最近終わったんだっけ、そうじゃなかったとしてももう終わるよね。今回のは面白さと心温まる瞬間を上手くミックスしたようなエピソードだったよね。 もし8年前の2013年からこのシリーズを観始めていた人なら完結してしまうことに悲しくならない人なんていないだろうと思うよ。

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第12話 また桜が咲いた

第12話 海外の反応・感想

And a wonderful, heartwarming, and all-around amazing send off to one of my favorite fluffy slice of life animes of all time! I love how Renge said at the end “”This bus route isn’t the same every time – there are rainy days, cloudy days, and today is sunny!”” I thought it kind of paralleled the fact that all 3 seasons of the show have been taking place in the same year, yet we’ve been able to see different parts of that year each time! No matter how you look at it, if each time you see different results, it’s always fun!

ワンダフルで、ハートウォーミングで、それにアメージングで、僕の大好きな日常系アニメだったよ! れんげが最後に「いつもと同じ道じゃないん。雨の時とか、曇りの時とか、いつもちょっと違って楽しいのん!」と言ってたのがとても良かったよ。僕は1期から3期まで放送された内容って同じ年に起きた出来事だけどパラレルな内容だと思ってたんだけど、全て同じ年に起きていたことだとも考えることができるんだよね。どうやって考えるかは人それぞれだと思うけど、毎回楽しかったよ!

It has been over 7 years since the first episode of the first season of Non Non Biyori originally aired in the fall season of 2013; I still remember it clearly to this day and it was one of the first seasonal anime I ever saw and kept up with while it was airing in the first season of currently airing anime that I actively kept up with. Words cannot begin to describe how I feel finally seeing this last episode end after all of this time. All I can really say at the end of this is that I’m glad I was alive to see this series, I’m glad I saw it all right from the beginning to the end. Non Non Biyori has to be one of, if not – to me – THE greatest slice of life anime that exists. It is the perfect encapsulation of ‘slice of life’ in the truest sense and represents the true beauty of normal, mundane life, growing up and just appreciating things as they are. I will sincerely miss Ren-chon and the crew and will always remember this series for what it was.

2013年に始まった1期の1話からさかのぼって7年も経ったんだね。今だに最初の放送が始まった日のことを覚えているし、これが僕にとって始めて観た長期の作品なんだよね。毎回放送があるごとにいつもしっかりと観てたんだよな。 このアニメの最終回を観た感想をどうやって言葉に表せば良いのか分からないよ。今回の最終回について言えることとしては、この作品を観ることができてとても嬉しかったということだよ。最初から最後まで観られて嬉しかったよ。 のんのんびよりは数ある日常系アニメの中で最も素晴らしいアニメの一つだったよ。現実の何気ないシーンを完璧に凝縮してたし、平凡な日常を美しく表現してたよね。それに、彼女らの成長なども上手く描いていたね。僕はれんちょんや他のキャラが恋しくなるだろうし、この作品がどんなものだったのかこれからも忘れないだろうな。

What? Nii-san didn’t speak a word until the end? Didn’t even respond to the congratulations and thanks, what a rude person he was! But I finally got his name, so that’s good. Also, is it just me or is the population of people being born to that village like 90%+ girls or something? Is there something in the water in that village?

何?兄ちゃんは最後まで言葉を発しなかったの?お礼とかの返事すらもしなかったなんて。なんて無礼な男なんだよ! でも、最後になってようやく彼の名前を知れたよ。それは良かったね。 それと、あの村って人口の90%以上が女の子か何かなの?あの村には水とかに何か入っているんじゃない?

This series always managed to make me happy whenever I watched it, so having it end hits hard. Goodbye, and thanks for all the joy you brought me.

この作品はいつも観る度に僕の心を幸せにしてくれたよ。だから今回終わってしまうのはとても辛いな。 グッバイ、そしてありがとう、僕に満足感を与えてくれて。

I wonder where Konomi’s university is. They don’t have those in the countryside, so she’s definitely had to rent a place in a city somewhere. Maybe she’ll have a supporting role in one of the author’s future works.


Whenever I have a bad day, I watch an episode of this show and it is a total palate cleanser. It’s like having a cup of hot cocoa after being out all day on a wet, cold winter’s day. My reaction to pretty much every episode is me having a relaxed, warm smile and saying: “That’s nice.”


Awwwwh to one of the best Slice of life Anime that’s existed. Bye Bye Non-Non Biyori for now. Loved every moment of every episode!

あああああ、日常系アニメの中で一番好きなアニメの一つだったのに。 バイバイ、のんのんびより。 全てのエピソードの全ての瞬間が好きだったよ!

Finally, they move ahead to the next school year — and then it promptly ends. Shedding a tear (or two).


The show has ended, but the Nyanpassu will live on in our hearts forever.


This just makes me wonder who will play the piano for Komari when she graduates next year, maybe Shiori will turn out to be good at it?


They lied to me… They said it was Non Non Biyori Nonstop. So why is it stopping?


Does it have to be over?! God I love this show and the characters so much. As far as endings go, it was fitting and a great finale

のんのんびよりは終わってしまうの?神様、僕はこのアニメやキャラがとっても大好きなんだ。 エンディングに関して言うと、素晴らしいフィナーレにピッタリだったね。

This has been one hell of a ride. I loved every minute of this. Looking forward to maybe some more content one day


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やっぱしんみり多めだとほんとに泣いちゃうからw ギャグ多めのほうが助かるw













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