第1話 転生、異世界?

第1話 海外の反応・感想

Wow, as someone who only read the manga, I’m super stoked to see the other students and their storyline since that was completely absent. This is great.


Aoi Yuuki!!! And Naou Touyama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whose character was a man in her previous life lol, that’s going to be interesting. Also fabulous dragon girl haha and elf sensei <3. Jesus Christ, the poor voice of Aoi Yuuki tested again to the extreme. It’s not the first but it still impresses me. Pefect fit as always. Kumoko’s POV is like Slime but with a spider and no human form. Human form that is seen with her other classmates also reborn in this new world. Pretty weird way to be transported by the way, what the hell happened? And why are her classmates more or less the same age as they were before while she was just born? Speaking about her birth, what a scary way to be reborn in another world, surrounded by hundreds of spiders of your same size and then realize that you yourself are a spider. It’s not the anime that has caught my attention the most this season so far but it was definitely fun and what we see in the OP makes me quite excited about what is to come.

悠木碧‼東山奈央キターー!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!彼らの今までのキャラクターは男ばっかりだったから(笑)、どんな感じになるか楽しみ。ドラゴンガール(笑)とエルフ先生もね♡ くそぉ、悠木碧のか弱い声がまた極限まで試されてるね。初めてじゃないけど、まだまだ驚かされる。いつも通りピッタリな声やな。 蜘蛛子の視点は蜘蛛なのと人間がいないこと以外はスライム(転生したらスライムだった件)みたい。彼女のクラスメイトの子達は人間だけど、新しい世界の中では彼らも生まれ変わってるもんね。てか、タイムスリップの仕方がめちゃくちゃ変なんだけど、どうなってるの?それに、クラスメイト達は彼女が生まれ変わるよりも前からいるのに、なんでみんな大体同じ年齢なの?彼女の誕生と言えば、異世界で生まれ変わるってすごい怖いやり方だわ。何百匹もの同じくらいのサイズの蜘蛛に囲まれて、自分も蜘蛛なんだって気付くんだよね。。 今のところ、今シーズンで注目したのは「蜘蛛ですが、なにか?」じゃないけど、すごい面白かったし、オープニング見たら、これから何が起こるのかなってワクワクした。

I have no idea if the source is any good or not but this was literally almost copied exactly with how slime isekai started. Will have to see more to see if this is any good or anything though. Besides that, Yuuki Aoi carried this episode all by herself and it probably would have been average and boring without her.


Finally watched this last night. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how much of a non-stop chatterbox the MC is, but I actually found that to be somewhat endearing . And considering the situation she is in (no one else right now for her to work off of), there really isn’t any other way to establish her character. Looking forward to this series. And honestly, I’ve found that I enjoy Isekai more if there is a heavy dose of humor to the story.

昨日の夜、やっと見れたよ。 MCがおしゃべりすぎることが叩かれてるのを良く見るけど、私はちょっと親しみやすいかなって思っちゃう。それに、彼女がいる状況(他にだれも近くに居ない)を考えると、彼女の人物像を作り上げる方法が他にないと思う。 続きを見るのが楽しみ。あと正直言うと、話にもっと深いユーモアさがあったら、異世界を楽しめそうな気がする。

Damn, that was actually really good. Yuuki Aoi did a fantastic job, I enjoyed her voice for Kumoko. As for the visuals, I actually don’t have a problem with it. I thought that CG was good, at least definitely better than a lot of shows that use CG out there. That ED though holy ****.

うわぁ、これめっちゃ良かったわ。悠木碧が良い仕事してるし、彼女の蜘蛛子の声が最高。 ビジュアルのことを言うと、別に問題ないと思う。CGも良かったし、少なくとも世の中の他のCG使った作品よりも良かったんじゃないかな。 エンディング、やばすぎ。

The anime where manga readers basically know less than anime onlys, lol.


Ngl, I disliked the CGI a lot in this case, but I understand that a character like this that moves so much would be too much work for animators, so it’s ok. The frog looked pretty bad tho. My new ship turned from straight to gay so fast I barely got time to react lol Those OP and ED are certified bangers, an idol spider is what I needed but didn’t knew.

まじで、今回のこのCGIは好きじゃない。けど、こういうキャラクターを動かすのはアニメーターには大変な作業だから、仕方ないかな。でも、カエルの見た目は全然良くなかった。 推しがゲイになる展開が早すぎて、リアクションする間もなかったわ。(笑) オープニングとエンディングは公認の人なんだね、蜘蛛のアイドルってまさにって感じだけど、知らなかったな。

This was great! They did my girl justice! This is how to do good adaptations! I loved everything about it; Voice actors did great, animation was smooth and crisp, especially all of Kumoko’s rapid movements. The sound track really fit the moods of the scenes well, adn the opening and ending were really unique in a good way.


The manga cuts like 50% of the story (Shun and the rest of the reincarnations) which is all very important for world building and such.


To anyone reading this, this isekai is alot deeper than you might think. I would recommend you to not look up anything about it. The story is so deep that even in this episode 1 something was forshadowed that will be covered in season 2 or 3 if there will be one.


OH LORD, this anime looks like it’s going to be everything I hoped for! And so much more! Seeing Kumoko dance with joy after killing that fog made me grin ear to ear :DDD And the ED is just bonkers, wtf, I can’t express how much I love it 😀

ああ、見たかったものが全部つまっているアニメだよ!それ以上だね!カエルをやっつけた後の楽しい蜘蛛子のダンスを見ると満面の笑みになる(笑) それにエンディングがまじで良くて、どうやって表現すればいいか分からないくらい好き(笑)

Everyone seems to be drooling over this, but my first impression was really bad. It gives this weird feeling of like a generic isekai with a gimmick to pretend it’s more than that and none of the comedy landed at all for me. Even the scene by scene pacing felt really off for some reason, sort of like the first season of south park. People apparently really like the source material, so i’ll try to stick it out, but damn that was not enjoyable to watch.


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第2話 マイホーム、炎上?

第2話 海外の反応・感想

I still don’t really like the CGI that much, but the frog dance was absolutely amazing.


Really great episode! I feel like they captured Kumoko’s frustration with losing her home and her refusal to run away really well.


Kumoko’s seiyu is on another level, idk i just really like how energetic she can be despite the character being an introvert and basically just talking to herself the entire time. If i’m not mistaken she also does the voice of Tanya? That’s some range in character diversity then.


The series has gone from “”it’s actually pretty cool”” to “”I so want to binge this””, loving this so far


Kumoko continues being so much fun to watch! Though man it has been a minute since I read the first light novel so my head is mixed up on events.. The pace feels a little fast but I think the light novel is making me think that, haha. Otherwise I am completely down! I can’t wait to see more! 😀

蜘蛛子はずっと見ていて楽しい! 男だけど、最初の小説を読んで1分で、色んなことが起きすぎて頭がぐちゃぐちゃになっちゃった… ペースがちょっと早く感じたな。けど、小説がそう思わせるんだと思う(笑)じゃなきゃ、完全に倒れちゃう!続きが待ちきれない!(笑)

This was better. To be frank, I did not like the first episode. I thought the meta-isekai/parody elements didn’t land and the constant monologuing with the non-stop screaming was bordering on Black Clover levels of painful – but this episode was watchable. Dialing down both the jokey-jokes and constant screaming let this series show some ideas I’m interesting in seeing played out. If the first episode was an outlier, the this one sets up a details focused, slow burn isekai with a retrospective twist on the character’s reflecting on their pasts self’s and who they want to be in the new world. Nothing amazing yet, but highest praise I can give is I am interested to see where it takes these ideas.

良くなってたよ。 率直に言わせてもらうと、第1話は好きじゃなかった。異世界パロディ要素がちゃんとしていないと思ったし、ずっと一人がひたすら叫び続けるだけの繰り返しもブラッククローバー並みにつまらなかった。でも、このエピソードは見る価値あったよ。ジョークや叫び続けるのも抑えめになっていて、このシリーズを最後まで見ようかなって思えた。 もし最初のエピソードが期待外れだったら、この話は詳細説明に焦点が合わせてあって、キャラクター自身の過去の姿や新しい世界でなりたい自分の姿にねじれがあるから、この過去に遡った異世界にイライラする。まだスゴイ内容はないけど、高く評価できるのは、このアイディアをどこから持ってきたのかなっていうことかな。

I’m starting to wonder if what we’re seeing actually happens concurrently. We know Kumoko started off life as a baby, and apparently the rest of the class has been reincarnated for at least a while (presumably also from birth?) So were they reincarnated at the same time or were the human kids reincarnated first, and now after they’ve been in the world for 20 ish years, Kumoko gets reincarnated as a spider? If its the first option, then all of the human scenes are in Kumoko’s future, and we get a chance of seeing a giant mega future Kumoko, and see how her actions in the past affect their present. The second would be nice for giving her a chance to interact with people while she still needs help, but I kinda like the first option for giving at least one reason why being a spider wouldn’t suck.

まず今何が起こってるんだろうってところからスタートした。 蜘蛛子が赤ちゃんとしての生活を始めるのは知ってたし、見た感じ他のクラスメイトも少し前から生まれ変わってたみたいだね。(たぶん彼らも赤ちゃんからなのかな?) 彼らは同じ時に生まれ変わったの?
それとも、人間の子供たちが先に生まれ変わって、20年くらいの間その世界で生活したあとに蜘蛛子はクモとして生まれ変わったの? もし最初の選択肢だったら、人間のシーンは全部蜘蛛子の未来ってことで、うちらは蜘蛛子の未来を見れてて、過去の行動が現在でどう影響するのかが分かるってことだよね。 2つ目だったら、彼女が助けが必要なときに他の人と関わり合えるきっかけがあるから良いよね。でも、最初の選択肢の方がクモになるのが最悪じゃないっていう理由が少なくとも分かるから、そっちの方が好きだな。

I still compare this to slime, but it’s been a lot more enjoyable after watching 2nd episode. Couple things: – pacing is much slower (and honestly might be better) than slime. Rimuru kinda evolves hella quick and gains a variety of abilities that are not slime specific. Their predator ability is broken af. Here, Kumoko has to deal with all abilities as a spider (at least so far). You can tell shes struggling a lot more, but shes got a lot of guts, so it helps – I REALLY want to see her eat something good. Idk why, i feel like she has to live off insects and whatever which taste like **** but I’m hoping she actually gets a proper meal soon

いまだにスライムと比べちゃってるけど、第2話見てからはかなり楽しめてるよ。 どの点がって言うと: ‐スライムよりも進む速さがゆっくり。(それに正直なところ、スライムよりももっと良い。)リムルはめっちゃ早く進化していったし、スライムじゃない色んな能力も手に入れていってた。捕食能力もおかしかったし。その点、蜘蛛子はクモとしての能力をコントロールしていると思う(少なくとも今のところはね)。もっとたくさん悪戦苦闘すると思うけど、かなりやる気あるし、大丈夫でしょう。 ‐本当に彼女にはもっと良いものを食べてもらいたい!なんでか分からないけど、彼女これからクソまずい変な味のものとか虫に頼って生きていかなきゃいけない感じがしてるんだけど、もっとちゃんとしたご飯を手に入れれるようになるといいな。

Honestly, Aoi Yuuki makes this show 10x more fun.


I love how they juxtapose the idle lives of the reincarnated humans against the horrific struggle to survive of Kumoko/Wakaba. From someone who only read the manga so far – this is definitely something that was previously missing.


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第3話 地竜(龍)、ヤバい?

第3話 海外の反応・感想

Bruh although I don’t believe this adaptation is horrible, it really isn’t doing the source material justice and that’s so ****ing sad. The LN is one of the best out there and watching this episode almost made me cry from how badly they butchered it. Pacing was horribly off as i think this episode only covered one chapter and one side story. This makes anime onlys question where the heck Kumoko even is for the whole episode. The dragon fight was also heavily butchered. Choreography felt very off and everything felt weird with the CGI dragon. I didn’t think the monsters were that bad in episodes one and two but now my opinion has changed. Larger creatures such as the dragon and the snakes at the end look ridiculously stupid and remind me of arifureta, another butchered anime with great source material. If only this anime got the Mushoku Tensei treatment this this would be godtier. Hope the next episode improves.


That Spiderman reference came outta nowhere. Another great episode. Some drama brewing on the human side while Kumoko’s luck seems to have gone from bad to worse despite her upgrade. That said, with the level reset after you upgrade is there any way of gauging a monster’s real strength without knowing the whole evolution tree of every monster?

あのスパイダーマン関連のはどこからともなくやってきたね。 また違う素晴らしいエピソードだね。蜘蛛子がレベルアップしたにもかかわらず、運がどんどん悪くなっている一方で、人間側ではいくつかのドラマが起きようとしてるね。 そうは言っても、アップグレードしたあとのレベルリセットされると、すべての魔物の進化樹全体を知らなくても魔物の本当の強さを測る方法があるの?

So I imagine Kumoko get out of the cave eventually and meet the other isekai bunch, but stays there for quite a while until she gains more levels. Is the whole season gonna be in the cave? I kinda want to see her kill a human since was one before, could be interesting. Out of all the 2nd seasons and new shows that I was interesting in watching, I can’t believe i actually got hooked to the spider isekai more than anything. It’s so good and Kumoko is so entertaining by talking to herself ironically.


Oof that Wyrm cg isn’t great. And I say it as someone who likes most of the cg so far. Overall it was an ok episode thought the human parts left a lot to be desired. Spider-Man-Spider was cute as hell and that makes up for everything else though

うぅ、あの地竜のCGは良くないね。僕、今のところほとんどのCG好きだって言ってた人間なんだけどね。全体としてはまあまあだったかな。人間のパートがもっと欲しいなと思ったけど。 スパイダーマン‐スパイダーはめちゃめちゃ可愛くて、他全部のダメなところをこれで補ってるよね。

I just want the stories to connect at this point, Idk if its just me but watching the school segments feel jarring for some reason.


Kumoko really didn’t have it easy today. Well, at least this part before everything went downhill was hilarious. At this point, I will not be surprised if Hugo does end up becoming an antagonist. Fei really is way more powerful than she looks. Damn, so that Earth Wyrm was one of Fei’s parents? I really love the contrast between her and Kumoko on the topic of eating family members. And now Kumoko will have to deal with that Earth Dragon.

蜘蛛子は本当に今日も安心して生活できなかったね。うーん、少なくとも全部が悪化する前までの部分は面白かった。 現時点で、もしユーゴ―が最後に敵対者になったとしても驚かないだろうな。フェイは本当に見た目よりもかなりパワフルなんだね。くそー、それで地竜はフェイの片親だったのか?家族を食べるっていう点で、彼女と蜘蛛子の対比が面白い。それに今蜘蛛子は地竜のことを対処しなくちゃいけないからね。

Is it just me or the fight animation during the school part was really weird? I actually don’t mind the CG at all, however the fight used some weird pov. They zoomed in often and cut some of the movement so it’s only like a minimalist action scene. Rather than the animation, maybe it’s due to the cinematography choice in the fight part? It felt like reading a manga rather than watching an anime on that part. Kumo-chan’s fight scene in the last episode looks much better. Sorry for the rant, I just feel a little bit disappointed since I like the story and the previous episodes so far.

学校部分の戦ってるところの映像なんか変じゃない?CGのことは全然気にならないんだけど、戦闘シーンが変な視点だなと思って。 かなりの頻度で拡大するし、いくつかの動きがカットされてるし、必要最低限のアクションシーンみたいな感じ。映像というよりはむしろ、たぶん戦いの部分の撮影監督の選択が原因かな?この部分に関しては、アニメを見てるというよりはマンガを読んでる感じがした。 最後の蜘蛛ちゃんの戦いシーンはもっと良かったね。 ギャーギャー言って悪いけど、今までの過去エピソードとか話は好きだったし、ちょっとだけ残念だったからさ。

Surely ignoring that guy will not result in any consequences whatsoever right? There was no indication that he will ever be any trouble down the line. Kumoko is awesome all on her own.

間違いなくあの男を無視したのはなんの結果ももたらさないよね?そのうちトラブルになるっていう何の兆しも無かったし。 蜘蛛子は全部自分でやってて凄いな。

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第4話 猿、ホアー?

第4話 海外の反応・感想

This episode was unbelievably ****ing ugly, it’s all I could think of the entire episode and it’s a damn shame because this is a pretty entertaining series This spider FOV of everything being dark is also not helping much with the visuals

このエピソードは信じられないくらい酷かったわ、このエピソード全部見て言えるのはそれだけ。それに、すごく楽しい話のはずだから、すごく残念。 全ての暗めの蜘蛛の視野もビジュアルが良く見えるようにはなってないね。

A much better episode than last week. Thoroughly enjoyed it and curious to know how big she’ll get. Wish they wouldn’t use CGI and just animate it all.

先週よりもかなり良くなってた。 すっかり見入ったし、彼女がどのくらい大きくなってくのか気になるな。 CGIを使わずに全部アニメでやって欲しいな。

I was a CG apologist. But those monkeys… Great episode though.

CGの擁護者だったけど、あのサルはちょっと… 素晴らしいエピソードだけどね。

At least the camera work is much better than the last school episode. I completely understand the fight this time. The student vs dragon fight was confusing in several parts for me.


that cheat saved her several times now, but eventually she will be higher level so she needs to pick some self healing skills/magic lol. Being half ate by a monkey is not a good way to go. problem is that she has no idea how to use magic … she has no hands to use potions … so a skill is the only real option for her

あのズルで何回か助かったね、けど結局はレベルが上がるから、自己回復力スキル/魔法を手に入れないとね(笑)サルに半分食べられるのは全然良い方法じゃないね。 問題は魔法の使い方を全く分かってないことだね…薬を使う手もないし…だからスキルが彼女にとっての唯一の選択肢になるね。

This episode was like the Netflix adaptation of Levi vs The Beast Titan. Kumoko learning the true meaning behind “”apes together strong””. Kumoko has such huge advantage while inside her web, it’s basically like a Domain Expansion. I like how this show utilizes the “”getting fully healed on a level up”” mechanic. I can’t count the amount of times this has saved me in games.

このエピソードはNetflixにあるリヴァイと進撃の巨人みたいだった。 蜘蛛子は「猿は団結して強くなる」の真の意味を知ることになる。 蜘蛛子はクモの巣の中にいればものすごく有利だね。’’領域展開’’みたい。 「レベルアップで完全回復する」という方法を利用している感じが好きだな。僕が、ゲームでこの仕組みに何度助けられたことか。

Damn, our girl just destroyed a 1000 monke army. Though it does feel like a waste to not eat them. Did she atleast kill them all to get that sweet XP? Feels like she should have gained more lvls in that case. This also was the first episode without the human side of the story.

くそー、俺らの女の子が1000匹もの猿軍団を倒したよ。あいつらを食べないのはちょっともったいない感じがしたけど。 あの子はXPを手に入れるためにあいつらを殺したの?だとしたら、もっとレベル上げてもらうべきだと思うなぁ。 今回のエピソード、初めて人間側のストーリーがなかったね。

Okay, this screen was just hilarious. You know even though I thought that Kumoko had just defeated that first monkey way too easily, I honestly did not expect her to have to face such a massive army of them. I guess if she wants to farm some EXP later on she just needs to find another horde of them. You know I honestly found it weird that she didn’t eat at least a few of them before leaving during the post-credit scene. Well, she did mention before that she did not like the taste of the first one so that might have been the reason for that. I hope that when she decides to evolve again, her appearance will have a more drastic changed than the previous one.

さてと、このエピソードかなり面白かった。 蜘蛛子は最初に出てきた猿をいとも簡単に倒したなぁと思ったんだけど、あんな大群と対面するなんて予想もしていなかったよ。もしあとでEXPを手に入れたいなら、別の大群も見つけなきゃね。 正直、スタッフロール後のシーンの時、去る前に1~2匹ですら猿を食べなかったのは変な感じした。うーん、あれの前に最初のやつの味があんまりだったって言ってたから、そうゆう理由なのかもしれないね。 彼女がまた進化するって決めたときは、見た目を前よりも劇的に変化させて欲しいな。

This episode in a nutshell: Eat, Rest, Fight, Repeat. I loved how Kumoko used actual tactics to win against the high-level MONKEs’ rather than defeating them just by being OP. The victory feels more rewarding tbh. This reminds me of games like Dark Souls, Sekiro, where your low-level character somehow ended up facing multiple high-level enemies, and you have to use your brain to survive and win the fight.

このエピソードは一言でいえば:食べる、休む、戦うの繰り返し。 蜘蛛子がオープニングみたいにハイレベルの猿を倒すのよりも、現実的な戦術を使って勝っていくのがすごく好き。正直言って、勝利にもっと満足感が得られるよね。 これ見ると、ダークソウルのSEKIRO;レベルの低いキャラがなぜか複数のハイレベルの敵と直面して、戦いに勝って生き残るために頭を使うやつを思いだすわ。

Kumoko actually struggling and the slow progression makes it easier to get invested in each individual ability and its utility. If this was a different kind of show, Kumoko would have ate the dragon, gained like a hundred levels, and then one shotted the apes.

蜘蛛子が奮闘して遅めの進行になっているのが、個々の能力と有用性に力が注ぎやすくなってる。 これがもし違う感じのアニメだったら、蜘蛛子はドラゴンを食べて、100レベルくらい獲得して、そして猿たちを撃っちゃいそう。

Why did I think eating while watching this show would be a good idea


This was my favorite part of the story. Watching her trying to take down this gigantic army of monkeys was so much fun to watch. They just don’t stop coming…


The fight animation improved compared to last episode. Hopefully it would be as consistent as this. I really enjoy the struggle of Kumo-chan. She’s alone, but she never gave up. I wonder what skill did she received from killing that many monkey.

戦うシーンのアニメーションは前回と比べて、改良されてた。これからも、これと同じくらい一貫性があるといいな。 蜘蛛ちゃんの奮闘してるところに本当に楽しませてもらってる。彼女は独りだけど、絶対に諦めない。あの大量の猿を殺すことでどんなスキルを手にいれたのかな。

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第5話 なまずって、おいしい?

第5話 海外の反応・感想

Every time she starts being able to handle a place she gets shoved out by a boss. It kills me haha.


This episode made me hungry for some catfish. Also Julius brother reveal! Will he encounter our little spider?


ahhh finally Kumoko got a very tasty meal the satisfaction of seeing someone so deprived of good meat finally being able to enjoy eating!! Also ahh honestly the amount of references in this anime gets me everytime hahaha for this espidoe the Monkey King reference definitely made me laugh a lot.

あああ、ついに蜘蛛子がとっても美味しい食事を手に入れれたね。おいしいお肉を与えられて満足してるのを見ると、やっと楽しんでご飯が食べられるわ!! それに、うんと、正直なところ、「蜘蛛ですが、なにか?」の参照の量は’’笑笑笑’’ってなる。このエピソードの中だとサルのキングが本当にかなり笑わせてくれた。

I love that Kumoko power-leveled so hard last episode that she had enough skill points to buy the most busted skill available. I imagine Pride is the sort of skill that nobody wants to save up for because that would mean 10 levels of just saving points and not buying any new skills.

前回のエピソードで蜘蛛子がパワーレベルを必死に上げて、破壊スキルを買えるだけのスキルポイントを手に入れたところが好き。 プライドは誰も取っておきたくないような感じのスキルだよね。だって、新しいスキルを買うことなく、ポイントを節約しただけのレベル10ってことだもんね。

Puraido is finally here. Catfish too cute, it’s a shame to eat it. Kagna looking cool. “”God hates spiders”” is actually a chapter title in the novel, but I’m glad they managed to work the phrase into the narration.

プライドが遂に登場。 ナマズはかなり可愛くて、食べちゃうのが残念だね。 カグナ、かっこいいなぁ。 「神様はクモが嫌い」は小説の中のある章のタイトルだよね。けど、ナレーションの中に上手く取り入れられてて嬉しかったな。

Another enjoyable episode with as little human content as possible. However, I now find the dragon cute.

人間のときの内容ができる限り少なくしてあって、楽しいエピソードだった。 けど、今やっとドラゴンが可愛いなって感じた。

With the potential of the skills she nabbed, it seems like that girl eating the world in the intro could be our protagonist in the future.


hes obviously gonna betray them lol and I can really see why. other guy gets the isekai harem, the super into girlfriend, the dragon girlfriends, the imouto girlfriend the gender bender girlfriends and he gets nothing lol. He gets isekaied, dreams of the classic isekai OP Adventure and cannot even get 1 waifu.

彼は明らかにみんなを裏切るつもりだね(笑)それに、なんでかも分かったよ。他の人たちは異世界ハーレムでスーパー彼女、ドラゴン彼女、妹彼女、ジェンダーベンダー彼女がいるのに、彼には何もない(笑) 異世界になって、オープニングの異世界アドベンチャーの夢を見たけど、一人のワイフも手に入れれてないね。

Wow, that Pride skill really boosted her stats. When she read its description I was expecting it to be like a multiplier for her future stats and not her current ones. Well, it seems that Kumoko will eventually end up fighting Yurin’s church. I honestly was surprised by the fact that those catfishes were a type of Wyrm. Well, based on the fact that she got that Demon lord skill available, I guess that next week she will get it and will end up fighting Julius.

おお、あのプライドスキルはかなりステータスを強化するんだね。その説明を読んでいるとき、僕は今のステータスに影響するんじゃなくて、未来のステータスを増強していくんだろなって期待してたよ。うーん、蜘蛛子は結局、ユーリーンの教会で戦うことになりそうな感じするね。 正直、ナマズが竜の一種だっていう事実にビックリしたよ。 うーん、魔王スキルが使えるようになったってことは、次週、彼女はユリウスと戦うことになるんだろうなぁ。

So Taboo levels up to provide skills to achieve godhood? If so I can understand why the Followers of the Word of God would attempt to kill any creature that has levels in it since they might replace “”God,”” but it makes me wonder if human-level intelligence is a requisite to gain skills like this. I can’t remember if the other spiders displayed the “”Kin Eater”” title or if Kumoko was the only one to gain it, despite the rest of them also doing it. Either way, it seems like becoming the ruler of a Sin title is a pretty nice way to increase your stats, although the prerequisites for obtaining those titles haven’t been explained yet.


FINALLY! KUMOKO GETS SOME GOOD ****ING FOOD. I’ve been asking this since episode 1, holy **** im in tears.. And Aoi Yuuki continues to impress me. The way she voices Kumoko, through all her adventures so far, is literally the reason why I continue to watch this show. I know it’s only February but she deserves VA of the year Okay but that dragon finna make me act up…her voice is so lovely too, tis the power of Eri Kitamura

遂に!蜘蛛子がめちゃくちゃ良い食料を手に入れた!エピソード1の時からずっとお願いしてきたから、涙出そうだよ。 それに悠木碧が感動もの。今までの彼女の冒険を通しての蜘蛛子の声が、私が「蜘蛛ですが、なにか?」を見続ける理由だよ。まだ2月だけど、今年一の声優に選ばれるべきだわ。 うん、でも、あのドラゴンにも揺らぐなぁ…彼女の声もとても可愛いよね、喜多村英梨の力だね。

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第6話 勇者と、魔王?

第6話 海外の反応・感想

Does it mean that Kumo is dead in the future? And, In the same timeline, the school simulator is just a future event ??? Then, Why the **** is this anime named “”I am spider so what.”” Or That spider was just another spider that had the audacity to grow stronger and even form allies.

つまり、将来この蜘蛛は死んじゃうってこと? そして、同じ時系列で出てきた、学校のシミュレーションはただの未来の出来事なの? そうしたら、「蜘蛛ですが、なにか?」っていうアニメの名前は一体全体なんでついてるの? それか、あの蜘蛛は、より強く成長して、同盟を結成する大胆さを持った全く別の蜘蛛とか?

I love this story (and spider) a lot, but that fight against the Nightmare’s Vestige was **** wack.


In the end its DEMON LORD MAO SAMA !!!!!!!!! opening of course already spoiled that there would be a demon chick but yeah….of course maou sama will be 1 of the isekai characters and surely angry guy because he dont get any waifu will join her to finally get a demon waifu. His betrayal makes perfect sense like I said last week ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ついに、魔王様!!!!!!!!!オープニングですでに魔王の子が出ててネタバレがあったね。 でも、うん…もちろん魔王様は異世界キャラクターの一人になるし、魔王のワイフになるようなワイフも全くいないし、間違いなく怒ってるよね。 彼の裏切りは先週言ったように、理にかなってるね。

I was a bit lost after the Julius fight, but basically the spider he was fighting isn’t our MC right? And the spider that he was fighting was somehow controlled by the Demon Lord, which was why it was shivering in fright?


I was expecting the hero to die and his little brother to believe it was a powerful spider that did it and he would go after Kumoko Seems I was wrong but now we got introduced to a demon lord. Interesting.

ヒーローは死んで、それをやったのは強力な蜘蛛だと信じた弟が蜘蛛子の後を追うっていうストーリーを期待してたんだけどなぁ。 僕の考えは間違ってたみたいだけど、魔王の存在を知れたね。面白い。

The angry prince guy just pisses me off. I mean, how more narcissistic you can be. Also, the brocon prince had a fishy yandere-ish smile- buddy chill. He’s your onii sama. I got excited and confused when Julius’ party was looking for a taretact. I guess kumoko is not meeting humans anytime soon.

怒った王子には、ただただイライラさせられた。つまり、ナルシストよりもひどいってことね。 それに、ブラコン王子は怪しいヤンデレみたいな笑顔してたね。彼はあなたのお兄様だよ。 ユリウスのパーティがタラテクトを探すところは、ワクワクしたと同時に困惑した。蜘蛛子は近い将来ではまだ人間には会うことはないんだろうな。

This show is so hard to watch if you’re afraid of spiders lol.. Animation during the tesseract vs Hero fight was pretty cool. I wonder what that white tesseract was afraid of though. I really like Kumoko’s new golden form. The split personality skill is gonna be fun too. As we all guessed, the Prince is jealous of Yamada and is probably going to try to take him out.

「蜘蛛ですが、なにか?」は、蜘蛛が苦手な人は見るのが大変かもね…(笑) タラテクトと勇者の戦うところのアニメはかなりカッコよかった。けど、あの白いタラテクトは何に怯えていたのかなぁ。 蜘蛛子の新しい金色の姿が本当に好きだな。あの並列意思というスキルも面白くなりそうだね。僕らみんなが予想したように、あの王子は山田に嫉妬してて、たぶん彼を排除しようとするね。

I just noticed that the demon lord who’s eating the planet in the OP has pink earrings that look extremely similar to what Kumoko has on her body in the opening.


my favorite parts the little comedy bits, the split personality cut and her eating ritual lol


I saw some comments the other day worrying about Kumoko slowly going insane due to her isolation. I’m pleased to announce that won’t be anything to to worry about. With the addition of another personality letting her argue with and insult herself, she is now rapidly going insane.

蜘蛛子が孤立状態な故に、ちょっとずつ頭がおかしくなっていってるのを心配するコメントがいくつかあるのを以前見たんだけど、ぜひみんなにお知らせしたい。全く何も心配ないよ。 彼女は別の人格が加わって、喧嘩したり、自分のことを侮辱したりすることで、今急速に頭がおかしくなっているんだよ。

Seems like they changed the OP to fit the MC’s new appearance after the evolution. That’s a nice touch.


The human fights are kinda a mess. Theres a lot of flashy stuff going on, random transitions and lots of close up shots. Same as the dragon fight. Kumoko’s fights are much better.

人間の戦いはなんだか、ごちゃごちゃしてたね。チカチカ派手なのがたくさんあって、移り変わりもランダムだし、クローズアップされる場面もいっぱいだった。ドラゴンとの戦いの時と同じ感じ。 蜘蛛子の戦いの方がずっと良いわ。

For anyone who has read the LN: Is the story with the other transferees this prominent and this early? I have only read the manga before this, and they don’t really get into it until much later, and even then just barely. Is this more canon, or is it anime-original content?

「蜘蛛ですが、なにか?」の小説を読んだことある人へ: 他の転生者との話はこんなに顕著でこんなにも早く進んでいたっけ?これ見る前は、マンガした読んだことないんだけど、彼らはもっと後まで登場しないし、たとえ登場しても辛うじて出てくるって感じ。これはそうゆう設定なのか、それともアニメのオリジナルの内容なのかな?

So the high school bully suddenly found himself in a world where he can’t just bully every single person at school or make himself the center of attention and he can’t handle it.


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第7話 王子たち、青春する?

第7話 海外の反応・感想

Honestly I laughed out at the start of the episode, Its been so long when I laughed like this I can just keep on going to listen to talking to herself like this, Kumoko reminds me of Minare from Nami yo Kiitekure

正直、最初のところでこらえ切れずに笑っちゃった。こんなに笑ったのは久しぶりだな。 こんな感じの彼女の独り言はずっと聞いていられるわ。蜘蛛子見てると「波よ聞いてくれ」のミナレを思い出すなぁ。

I’m glad we finally got a students focused episode. I know I’m in the minority with it, but I’d rather watch them than Kumoko. The 3DCGI just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve seen some people complaining about the 2D fight scene with Hugo today but I didn’t notice anything bad personally. Oka seems to have used some type of cursed magic to remove Hugo’s skills which is kinda weird to me. Why’s she afraid of people growing strong? Guess we’ll find out. Really interested to find out who that girl who’s offering to help Hugo is too.

遂に学生にフォーカスされたエピソードがでてきて、嬉しいな。そう思うのは少数派なのは分かってるけど、蜘蛛子を見てるよりもそっちの方が好きなんだよね。3D映像は私的にはあんまり好きじゃないな。今日のユーゴ―の2Dの戦闘について不満を言ってる人が何人かいたけど、個人的には特に何か悪いところがあったとは思わなかった。 岡はユーゴーのスキルを消すために何かしらの呪われた魔法を使っていたようだけど、あれは何だか違和感があった。なんで彼女はみんなが強くなるのを恐れているのかな?まぁ、そのうち分かるだろうけど。 ユーゴ―に助けてあげようかと聞いている女の子が誰なのかも、本当に気になる。

One of the problems with this show is that Kumoko is such a great character in contrast to the human characters who are mostly one note cardboard pastiches of characters we’re all familiar with and have seen many times before. The noble leader, the jealous brother, the secretly badass teacher, the clingy, overprotective Imouto. You see these archetypes and you’ve seen them a million times and you already know how the story is going to go. This, unfortunately, is why the show suffers when Kumoko is off screen. That being said, it does sound like some interesting things are happening on Kumoko’s dude, plus there are some mysteries in terms of what’s going on with their former teacher. The question of whether they’re all part of a game now is fascinating.

「蜘蛛ですが、なにか?」の問題の一つは、蜘蛛子が人間のキャラとは対照的で凄いキャラだってこと。人間のキャラはほとんど見慣れてて何回も見たことあるような感じで、段ボールの切れ端を寄せ集めたみたいなキャラ達だからね。貴族のリーダー、それに嫉妬する兄弟、密かに悪い先生、べったりで過保護な妹。みんな典型的なキャラだし、こういうの何度も見たことあるよね、それにどんな感じにストーリーが展開していくのかも予想がつく。これが、残念ながら、アニメで蜘蛛子が出てきてないシーンの時につまんないって思う理由だね。 そうは言っても、蜘蛛子の仲間に何か面白そうなことが起きてる感じがするし、元教師に何かが起こってることでいくつか不可解なことがあるね。それが全部ゲームの一部なのかどうかっていう疑問が興味をそそる。

I was hoping we would get more of the classmates for a change. Still loving the hard core brocon sister and crazy yuri lol.


Nobody talk about the end part, that is the most scary of all. And the new girl in that prince room, try hear her voice carefully… Isn’t she sounds familiar?


Janky ass battle scene aside things are starting to really pick up! Finally some story about the world their in. That scene with D was sooo good though! Weekly reminder to anime onlys: don’t google ANYTHING unless you want MAJOR spoilers. Even a simple name will spoil things that you won’t eve hear about in season 1 OR 2!

低レベルなバトルシーンはさておき、話は本当に面白くなってきた!ついに彼らのいる世界についての話がでてきたね。Dとのシーンはかーなーり良かったけど! アニメだけ見てる人へ週刊通知:主要なネタバレが要らない限り、何もググッちゃダメだよ。簡単な名前だけでも、シーズン1とか2で知りたくなかったネタバレが出てきちゃうからね!

Why is Oka doing that weird speaking pattern? She’s reincarnated? Is this like a Subaru type bravado thing to appear more cute to her students or something? Ah she’s also broken OP. Kumoko too. Is Kumoko referencing something when she does her chuuni schtick? Naruto…?

なんで岡はあんな変な話し方してるの?彼女って転生したの?自分の生徒とか他の何かにもっと可愛く見せるためのスバルタイプの強がりみたいなものなの? ああ、彼女もオープニング台無しにしてるなぁ。蜘蛛子もね。 蜘蛛子が厨二ギャグを言ってるときって何かを意味してるの?ナルトかな…?

Continually super enjoyable episode, in terms of drama, worldbuilding, and of course comedy and ‘ooh-cool-power’ factor. Absolutely love Kumoko bouncing off…herself, and her edgelord daydream. I would 100% embrace getting cool edgelord powers too in that situation. The philosophical part is interesting, but I’m really hoping for a reprise of her episode 1 philosophy lol. I’m more than a little scared for our non-skill-gaining human protagonists, though.

脚本、世界観、それにもちろんコメディと「おおお、かっこいい」要素とか、引き続き、かなり楽しいエピソードだね、もちろん蜘蛛子が自分自身と意見をぶつけあったり、楽しい空想をしたりしてるところも大好き。僕もあの状況だったら、クールな力を手に入れるのを100%受け入れると思う。冷静なところも面白いよね、けど、エピソード1のときの感じがまた出てきて欲しい(笑) やっぱり、スキル獲得無しの人間の主人公はかなり怖いなって思う。

Taboo has once again risen! Kumoko’s only one stop away from finding out what happens when you level it up all the way, so it’s a good thing Yuri doesn’t know about what she’s been up to in the Labyrinth. Evil Eye sniping sounds kinda busted, but who knows if Cursed Evil Eye is even the most powerful one? Guess we’ll find out when our lovely little spider picks up more…

またタブーなのが出た!蜘蛛子は最後までレベルが上がると何が起こるのか見つけることから逃げてるたった一人。だから、ユーリは迷宮の中で何が起こっているのか知らなくて良かった。 邪眼の射撃はなんか壊れてる感じするなぁ、けど「呪いの邪眼」が最強のスキルだったら?まぁ、僕らの可愛い蜘蛛ちゃんがもっと強くなったら、どうなるか分かることだけどね…

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第8話 私、死す?

第8話 海外の反応・感想

stupid humans so annoying but we have no choice but to watch because they are an important part of the stories


If that’s only lvl 4 of parallel minds, I can only imagine what lvl 10 would be like. After 5 you’d think it would be hard to assign specific roles, by the 10th one it’s role would probably be saying funny things on the spot.


Oh **** maybe the guy that reincarnated into red hair girl was gay for shun that’s why he’s a girl now


Honestly I dont find in myself to watch scenes without Kumoko in it, thats why starting was a bit boring to me, I know its important to story development but as soon as Kumoko shows up, whole mood was changed So Wakaba is dead that means that spooky girl must be Kumoko Wonder what 4th parallel mind do Anyway waiting a week is pain, so much loving this show

正直、蜘蛛子が出ていないシーンは見る気になれないんだよね、だから始まり部分は少しつまらなかった。話を展開してくのに重要なのは分かるけど、蜘蛛子が登場すると全体の雰囲気がガラッと変わった。 つまり若葉は死んで、あの薄気味悪い女の子が蜘蛛子に間違いないね。 4番目の並列意思は何をするのかなぁ。 とにかく1週間待つのはつらい、「蜘蛛ですが、なにか?」すごく大好き。

This episode was only 10 minutes… and pity for the 4th side of Kumoko who just picked the wrong time to show up…


The teacher is definitely hiding some ****. Last episode she was all like “”I can’t tell you””, now she willfully tells them that the girl who we believe was the one who turned into the spider is dead? Sensei sketchy AF.


And why does that loli teacher is so sure that Kumoko is dead? It sounds more like, i was unable to find her so it must be dead. Could it be that the other ones counted as dead are just “”missing””?


Has the OP changed? More flashbacks to original lives. Goddamn those kumoko cutaways are awesome. Finally, we get the parallel mind antics. “”Ceci n’est pas une pipe”” Magic Brain has arrived. Whooo Poor magic brain number 2. T.T That’s an evil cliffhanger.

オープニング変わった? 元の世界の回想シーンがたくさんあったね。 あの蜘蛛子のカットアウェイはすごい。 ついに並列意思がふざけだしたね。 「スシ・ネ・パ・ジュヌ・ピプ」 意思が登場。わーい 2番目の意思が可哀想(泣) 最後不快な終わり方だね。

Am I the only one confused by all the names and characters? So the long haired girl that was reading the book and got bullied is our spider?

全員の名前とキャラクターで混乱してるのは私だけかな? 本を読んで、いじめられていた髪の長い女の子は、私たちの蜘蛛ってこと?

This episode is the first where I’ve felt that the humans are starting to get interesting. It’s obvious that things are not what the u seem. I’m looking forward to see where things go, and I’m just hoping they can stick the landing. I’ve seen so many stories like this in all media that have thus huge, interesting build up and then suddenly it’s Kado: The Right Answer. Or in other words, the ending can’t take the weight of the build up. The fight between Kumoko and the dragon was hype. I wonder how she’s going to get out of this one. Perhaps one of her abilities will allow her to sprout wings.

このエピソードで初めて人間側の話が面白くなり始めたなって感じた。みんなが見ていることがすべてじゃないってことは明らかだね。事態がどう変化するのか楽しみだし、最後に着地成功するといいな。今までメディアの中でこういった感じのたくさんのストーリーを見てきて、面白い展開だと思ったら急に̚カドになる。言い換えれば、エンディングで話の展開を受けきれずにつまらないってこと。 蜘蛛子とドラゴンの戦いはカッコよかった。彼女はこれからどうやって抜け出すのかな。おそらく彼女の能力の一つが真面目な人になるんだろうな。

Lmao did they really do the “”call an ambulance but not for me!”” meme on that dragon fight? Also I’m not good with remembering names, but is the small dragon human the girl who bullied Wakaba? She seems pretty invested in her and it didn’t seem like Wakaba had friends before. Also, is Wakaba confirmed to be Kumoko? The show certainly wants us to think so, but it’s still up in the air for me

爆笑「救急車を呼ぶんだ、だが私のためじゃない!」のミームをドラゴンとの戦いで使ったの? それに、僕は名前を覚えるのが得意じゃないんだけど、小さいドラゴンが若葉をいじめていた女の子なの?彼女はかなり自己投資してるようだし、若葉は前は友達がいたようには見えないね。 あと、若葉は蜘蛛子だって確認されてるの?アニメは僕らにそう思わせたいみたいだけど、僕にはまだ未確定に思えるんだよね。

The human parts keep getting better. They’re growing on me. I love watching Kumoku’s progress but I’m also finding myself looking forward to the humans. The two elements make the show far better than watching Kumoku alone. Hyped for when their paths get intertwined!

人間パートが良くなりつつあるね。 僕の中で関心が高まってきてる。蜘蛛子がレベルアップしていくのを見るのが大好き、だけど人間の方も楽しみになってきてるよ。この2つの要素が蜘蛛子だけを見てるのよりも、はるかにこのアニメを良くしてるよね。それぞれの話が繋がった時は最高だった!

I was surprise at how intelligent the dragon is. Not only did it knew how dangerous Kumoko’s poison bomb was, it had a strategy during the entire fight. By destroying all available footing, it forces Kumoko into a final confrontation where the battle is decided by one single attack.


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第9話 アイキャントスピーク、イセカイゴ?

第9話 海外の反応・感想

This is the chapter in the manga that makes me go wtf and decided to read the source material as they never explain more and I really need to know. With more context to work with the anime handle the conference much better than the manga. Kumoko motto in life, you eat what you hunt even with lava threatening to burn you alive.

これはマンガの中で私がどういうこと?って思って、説明不足だし、もっと知りたかったからソース資料を読もうと決めた章なんだよね。アニメは、話し合いとかで前後関係が良く分かるし、マンガよりもはるかに良いね。 蜘蛛子の人生のモットーは、たとえ溶岩に生きたまま燃やすと脅されても、狩ったものは食べる。

I love that these are basically the same comments as the wn from a few years ago this I my second favorite wn and I’m so glad the anime is living up to it. I can only hope the Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu anime does as well


Having read the webnovel and seeing all the guessing here, you’re all in for a treat : ) Probably one of the better Isekai to be published (along, incidentaly, with Mushoku Tensei). Nothing incredibly unique, but there’s some great plot twists to get excited about that have been teased here.

web小説読んで、ここで全部の推測を見て、癒されてるよ(笑) たぶん世に出てる異世界もので良いものの一つだね。(ちなみに、無職転生もね。)信じられないことに、特に何か特徴があるわけじゃないけど、ここでからかわれていることは、ワクワクするような話の展開がいくつかある。

Been thinking about the emphasis the story is putting on who Kumoko really is, and I’m not sure where the name “”Kumoko”” came from. Was that something mentioned earlier, or was it a fan name that caught on?


They really want us to believe that Kumoko is the demon lord, huh? I still don’t buy it.


At first I thought the guy in the horned helmet was Hugo because self-proclaimed light novel readers kept insisting the human and spider sides were being shown at the same time… Oh well. Can’t wait to see reactors reacting to this episode.


This show is pretty wild. Initially I didn’t think much of it but the jumping back and forth between timelines is super interesting and the fights and skills are pretty awesome. Really excited to see where this leads


Given that we don’t know when things are happening time wise, I’m wondering if Kumoko eventually evolves into the demon lord. The powers displayed by the demon lord are very spider-like, plus I can’t imagine her staying as a Spider for the entire story. Obviously things are afoot behind the scenes as well, as we get sort of an idea of what’s going on. Administrator D is an interesting antagonist, one who may not be evil, but definitely Aldo pulling the strings.

物事がいつ起こっているか分からないと仮定すると、蜘蛛子はいずれ魔王に進化するのかなあ。魔王が見せた力はかなり蜘蛛みたいだったし、それに、このアニメでずっと彼女が蜘蛛として居続けるのは想像がつかない。 何が起こってるのか僕らが何個かアイディアがえてくるってことは、明らかに、水面下でも物事は進んでると思う。管理者Dは面白い敵で、悪魔じゃないけど、バルトが確実に糸を引いてるね。

When the Hero is showing off his fancy scarf that Schlain is shown holding and screaming about in the OP I knew only good things would come about. So…is Kumoko only shown as having a cute spider face for the sake of the viewer? In the Dragon egg memory she just had a generic spider face.

ヒーローがシュンがオープニングで叫びながら持っている派手なスカーフを見せつけてるとき、良いことだけが起こるんだと分かってた。 それで…蜘蛛子は視聴者には可愛い蜘蛛の顔をしてるって見せてるだけなのかな?ドラゴンの卵の記憶では、彼女は一般的な蜘蛛の顔だったよね。

So am I wrong thinking the demon lord could be Kumoko? In this episode the guy that talked with D when he warped to Kumoko, was later talking with the demon lord and they said they met long ago, also two different timelines have been confirmed during this episode. That means Kumoko being the demon lord is still a possibility right?


Very nice episode. Now we finally won’t have to dance around the fact that the human side take place in the future of the main story. D’s cute voice is so unfitting that it ends up being perfect.

とても良いエピソードだったね。これで、ついに僕らは今後のメインストーリーで人間側が出てくる事実を避けて通る必要がなくなったね。 Dのかわいい声が合ってないけど、最終的に完璧だね。

Wait a second!! Wasn’t a demon manipulating the asshole prince last episode? Does that mean the demon empress is pulling the strings (heh) here? Or are the demons more fractured than they appear. This is getting more interesting.

ちょっと待って!!前回のエピソードで、ろくでなし王子を操ってたのは魔王じゃなかったっけ?つまり、悪魔の女王が糸を引いてるってことでしょ?それか、彼らは見た目よりも壊れてるの? どんどん面白くなってきてるね。

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第10話 このじじい、誰?

第10話 海外の反応・感想

Okay. Now I am dead confused with the plot. So far as I understand that she has been in the Labyrinth for 15-16 years and has encountered humans in total 3 times. First time when she was basically newborn (which we see in first couple of episodes), second time is with the Hero (was it she or different spider?), and this is third time with the mage. Correct me if I am wrong please.


Meh, not feeling anything from Julius’s death, to be honest. Hard to feel sad when he hardly appeared in the previous episodes. Similarly, I’m not feeling much sympathy for Schlain either, since the show has focused mostly on his Shun persona rather than his reincarnated one. So all the Kumoko events that were shown from Episode 1 up till now actually took place 15 years ago?

まあ、正直言うと、ユリウスの死には何も感じないなぁ。過去のエピソードで彼はほとんど登場してないし、悲しくなるのは難しいかな。同じように、シュレインにも同情したりはないかな。だってアニメが転生した彼よりも大体シュンの方にフォーカスを置いてるんだもん。 それで、エピソード1から今までの蜘蛛子に起こってる出来事は全部15年前に起こったことなのかな?

I’m a bit confused, I assume that Zoa Ele that was ****ing the humans up was kumoko but that old dude said that was a story from 15 years ago, does kumoko’s story take place 15 years ago? But then that doesn’t really make sense because of that demon dude that visited her and then went onto the demon conference to **** **** up for the humans Maybe I’m just seeing everything wrong

ちょっと混乱、人間を殺したゾア・エレは蜘蛛子だったんだと思うけど、あの老人は15年前の話だと言っていたし、蜘蛛子の話は15年前に起こったことなの? でも、そしたら、魔王のやつが彼女のところにきて、そのあと人間を殺すための魔王会議を始めたから、それがつじつまが合わないよね。 たぶん全部間違ってるのかな。

They’re really pushing hard to make us think Kumoko’s the demon lord. I noticed one thing in this episode though, well more like just the opening. One of the very last shots is of someone with a pink eye and what appears to be long white hair. Now who did we see with long white hair and accents of pink in their design being conspicuously off to the side of almost every demon scene last episode? Who else shares those colors?


Ok I’m confused, this was a flashback no, how did kumo have her skills that far back. It’s supposed to be her right? If so, was that her also fighting that dudes brother? How does that lign up when she was in the midde stratum then?


Maybe I missed something, but I didnt know there was a big time gap between the humans and her. So this whole story is in 15 years in the past. Kumoko’s fully evolved in “”real time”” ie; when Schlain becomes a hero. I guess that makes sense because all the kids must have come at the same time and they’re teenagers now.

たぶん私何かを見逃したのかな、けど、人間と彼女の間にあんなに大きな時間差があったなんて知らなかった。つまり、このお話は全部15年も過去の話ってことだね。蜘蛛子は完全に「リアルタイムで」進化してて、言い換えれば、シュレインが勇者になった時ってことだね。 子供たちはみんな同じ時に来ているはずで、みんな今10代なんだから、つじつまが合うと思うんだよね。

Great episode but I was wondering if anyone could clear somethings up for me. First the timelines was the expedition into the cave long after kumeko returned to the upper stratum or not, and second does the fact that taboo went up mean that she ate those people’s bodies.


I remember reading d the manga a few years back, it was from her perspective and it was to show how much stronger she was compared to humans. It was almost in a happy, prideful tone. But idk, watching the episode made me realize how far gone she is. Up until now she has just been killing monsters in the labyrinth. That’s understandable, but as soon as humans enter she doesn’t hesitate in killing them. Sure it’s in “self defense “ but she is more monster than human at this point


So if The Mage’s recollection of the labyrinth was 15 years ago, doesn’t that mean everything we saw from Kumoko’s perspective is also “”15 years ago”” relative to the human’s perspective? So all this growth we’ve seen happened 15 years before the war between humans and demons. Also between the demon lord having access to abyss magic, and restraining those two fools with spider webs a couple episodes ago, she’s definitely Kumoko 15 years later.

つまり、もし魔法使いの迷宮での記憶が15年前のものだとしたら、僕らが蜘蛛子の視点から見ていたもの全部、人間視点に関係している「15年前」のことって意味なの?だから、僕らが見てきたこの成長は人間と魔物の間の戦争の前15年で起こったことなんだね。 そして、深淵の魔法を使って、数エピソード前に蜘蛛の巣で馬鹿どもを拘束していた魔王、彼女は絶対に15年後の蜘蛛子だね。

Ronandt is suppose to be the strongest human mage and didn’t even use a single spell to attack Kumoko. Maybe if he had tried he could have at least injured her.


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第11話 次回、決戦?

第11話 海外の反応・感想

Pretty fun episode. I was starting to lose patience with Kumoko for doing all that talking instead of just killing the hornets lmao. So, I didn’t understand it last week, but I’m guessing she was the monster that they faced in the tunnel last week?? The one that made the old guy and his comrades retreat. I was under the impression that flashback was years ago, which confused me.

かなり面白いエピソードだった。蜘蛛子がただスズメバチを殺すだけじゃなくて、話しながらやってるのに我慢できなくなってきたよ(笑) 先週は分からなかったけど、彼女は先週トンネルで出くわした魔物だったのかな?老人と彼の仲間を撤退させたのもその人。フラッシュバックは何年も前のことだと思い込んでたし、混乱した。

Anyone knows what happen here? Initially when I saw Araba being shown to be lv32 this episode, I was of the impression kumo grind so much but this guy didn’t get better at all. But when I went back to epi3, it was shown that Araba was lv37😲. Why did Araba drop in level? Both episode it was shown Earth Dragon Araba, so I don’t think that guy evolved and thus reverted his level like how kumo did each time she evolve.

誰か何が起こってるのか知ってる?最初このエピソードでアラバがlv32で出てきたのを見たとき、蜘蛛がじわじわと苦しめるのかなという印象を受けたんだけど、でも奴は全然良くならなかったし。エピソード3を見返したとき、アラバはレベル37って書いてあったんだけど。(驚) なんでアラバはレベルが下がったの?どっちのエピソードでも地竜アラバってあったから、奴が進化したとは思えないし、結果的に蜘蛛子が毎回進化してるみたいにレベルが落ちてるよね。

Now that we have a good comparison for Kumoko’s size since we saw her along side humans we can guess the size of everything else; And those giant hornet are a BIG NO NO for me. I’m fine with giant snakes, dragons and toads, but **** those hornets!! Kumoko’s doing us a favor by committing genocide there.

人間の近くにいる蜘蛛子を見れたから、蜘蛛子のサイズを知る良い比較になったね。他の全部のもののサイズも把握できそう。そして、あの巨大なスズメバチは私には完全に無理。 巨大なヘビもドラゴンもカエルも大丈夫だけど、あのスズメバチだけはダメ!!蜘蛛子が私たちのためにあそこで撲滅してくれてるね。

Kumoko doing a little pest extermination. Gotta say, I’m looking forward to the fight between Kumoko and Araba next week. Even though I know who’s going to win, it should still be hype. I’m wondering what actually happened in the fight between Julius and the woman in white. Also, I get the feeling that Hyrince isn’t on the up and up. Something a little bit shady there. I’m assuming Fei is going to evolve into a much bigger dragon, maybe to a size where Schlain will find her to be more of a threat than an asset.

蜘蛛子は害虫駆除してるね。 来週の蜘蛛子とアラバの戦いが楽しみ。誰が勝つのか分かってるけど、めちゃくちゃ興奮するに決まってる。 実際のところユリウスと白い少女の戦いでは何が起きたのかなぁ。それと、ハイリンスは信用できない感じする。なんかちょっと怪しい。 フェイがもっと大きなドラゴンに進化するような気がする、たぶんシュレインが役に立つ奴と思うよりももっと脅威に感じるようになると思う。

Fei’s such a cute dragon lol. Kumoko just watching in amazement seeing that dragon eat the snake. After killing all those hornets, there was no honey. Sad.

フェイってなんて可愛いドラゴンなの(笑) 蜘蛛子はドラゴンがヘビを食べてるのを見て驚いていたね。 あのスズメバチの大群を殺したあとに、はちみつが無いなんて。悲しいね。

Man, the human parts just keeps getting better and better. Also love how it often juxtaposes with Kumo’s dungeon adventure.


Kumoko being Kumoko, loved it Never thought spider getting blushed will be this cute, not counting monster musume for obvious reasons Rot attack, First Demon lord now this mysterious white lady, candidates for future Kumoko keep getting increasing

蜘蛛子は蜘蛛子だね、気に入った。 恥ずかしがってる蜘蛛がこんなに可愛いなんて思いもしなかったよ、当たり前だけどモンスター娘はカウントしないよ。 腐食攻撃、最初魔王で今はこの白い少女、未来の蜘蛛子の候補者がどんどん増え続けてるね。

So I’m still not really sure of the topography of the Labyrinth. Is the Higher Level the closest to the surface?


This show is never not entertaining. Loved how Kumoko kept getting stung by the wasps until she just wiped them all out completeley. I’m freaking hyped for the big fight next week!

このアニメが面白くないことは絶対ない。 蜘蛛子が完全にハチの大群を駆除するまで、ハチに刺され続けていたところが好きだった。 来週の大きな戦いがめちゃくちゃ楽しみで仕方ない!

Yeah if the damn hornets kept stinging me in the butt I would purge them all too lol. So why does Kumoko want to fight the dragon instead of just getting out already? Is it really just to settle a grudge?

うん、もし忌まわしいスズメバチが俺のお尻を刺し続けたら、俺もあいつらを一掃するな(笑) じゃあ、なんで蜘蛛子は逃げ出さずにドラゴンと戦いたいって思ったの?本当に恨みを晴らすためだけなのかな?

Good episode. Not quite as good as the previous two, but it was the setup that it needed to do for both the main story and human side, and also about what I expected it to be. It also had some good scenes. Imagine being a LN-only spoiled on the details of Taboo by the anime though, lol.

良いエピソード。過去2話ほどではないけど、メインストーリーと人間側の両方に必要な設定だったね。それに、期待してた通りだった。いくつか良いシーンもあったしね。 けど、小説だけ読んでる人はアニメでタブーな詳細を台無しにされてるね。(笑)

If I had a nickel for every time an isekai protagonist has committed mass murder for their own purposes this week, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t much, but it’s strange that it happened twice. Also, interesting AT LEAST to note that the all-white demon army general who presumably slaughtered Julius and crew is credited as “”????”” in the cast.

もし、今週異世界の主人公がそれぞれの目的で大量殺人をするたびに5セントもらえてたら、10セントゲットしてたな。そんなに多くないけど、2度も起こるなんて奇妙だね。 それに、少なくとも面白いのは、おそらくユリウスと仲間たちを打ちのめしたであろう白い魔物軍の大将がキャストの中で「????」になってたこと。

Kumoko’s admiration of Araba’s immense strength almost feels like a crush. Which is probably why their confrontation felt like a confession. I ship it.


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第12話 私の戦いは、これからだ?

第12話 海外の反応・感想

Before I started this series I never would have expected to witness, let alone enjoy a 10+ mins fight between a spider and a dragon yet here we are. Great episode and I can’t wait for Kumoko to finally explore the world outside the labyrinth. p.s. Araba was mad agile for a guy his size.

このシリーズを見始める前は、蜘蛛とドラゴンの10分以上の戦いを楽しむことはもちろんのこと、目の当たりにするとは予想もしていなかったけど、僕らは今その状況にあるんだね。 素晴らしいエピソードで、遂に迷宮の外の世界で蜘蛛子が冒険をするのが待ちきれない。 P.S. アラバは彼の大きさにしては、めちゃくちゃ頭のキレるやつだったね。

I swear, watching the Kumoko segments are like watching Let’s Play videos with commentary on YouTube.

蜘蛛子のところを見てるとなんかYoutubeの解説付きのLet’s play動画を見てるみたい。

I am 100% convinced that the demon lord is not Kumuko. They have been hinting too hard that its her and the other chick that murked the hero is more likely kumuko considering she wears white cloth similar to shuns spider silk scarf and the eyes like kumuko’s


Me after this episode: They need to change Pokemon type effective so that dragons are weak to spiders instead of fairies.


Labyrinth cleared! Now it’s time for our friendly neighborhood spider to start dominating the surface world!


Im anime only so take this with a grain of salt but now I know for sure the shield guy from juilius’s party is lying. Look at his face in the op. He doesnt look sad one bit. Just looking at out blue haired boy. He probably colluded with the demon lord.


Yuuki Aoi did a stunning performance for Kumoko at the end of the fight. Such conflicting emotions and turmoil at winning just for Araba who she was terrified of and respected to give up and accept death. Compared to her struggling every since she became a spider to live every day. What was all her struggling for? All the effort and pain? Everything she did, everything she killed, all the blood she shed from her enemies and herself. For Araba to just give up felt like denying her existence and way of surviving.


I feel like this episode is trying to shove in my face that the demon lord is the MC…… but the more that it does that, the more it makes me think that it’s a red herring.


That was easily one of the greatest fight scenes I have ever witnessed. Let’s leave our respects for Araba for giving us such an intense battle and for accepting his defeat with honour.

今回のは今まで僕が目の当たりにした一番素晴らしい戦いシーンの中の一つだね。 僕らに激しい戦いを見せてくれて、名誉の敗北を受け入れたアラバに敬意を払おう。

The obsession Kumoko had with Alaba makes me feel like she has completely become a monster. Since the beginning, Kumoko has been killing others monsters to survive, even when she killed the humans, we could say she was defending her home and herself. But she didn’t need to fight Alaba or annihilate all the hornets just to fight him, she wanted to defeat him just because Alaba committed the “”sin”” of not killing her when she was practically a newborn spider. I mean, between Alaba and Kumoko the one whose actions seems more human is not precisely Kumoko.

蜘蛛子のアラバに持っていた執着が彼女を完全に魔物にしたように感じた。初めから蜘蛛子は生きるために他の魔物を殺していたし、人間を殺したときでさえ、彼女は自分の家と自分自身を守っていたと言えるね。 でも、彼女はアラバと戦う必要なかったし、彼と戦うためだけにスズメバチを全滅させることもなかった。彼女が実際生まれたての蜘蛛のときに、アラバが彼女を殺さないという「罪」を犯したから、ただ単に彼を倒したかったんだね。つまり、アラバと蜘蛛子の間でもっと人間らしさがあるのは正確には蜘蛛子じゃないってこと。

Kinda feel like they needed to better establish the emotional connection Kumoko had to Araba to make that big monologue at the end land better, but still, that was a pretty rad fight. Turning off all your skills right before you die must be dragon-speak for “”GG.””

蜘蛛子とアラバの感情面の結びつきをもうちょっと確立した方が良さそうに感じたな。そうすれば最後の一人芝居がもっと良い感じに落ち着くからね。だけど、それでも、あれはかなり素晴らしい戦いだった。 死ぬ直前に全スキルをオフにするのはドラゴン用語で「GG」に違いないね。

I think the fight with Araba was done mostly well. It was chaotic and hard to follow at times but I understood most of what was going on. Finally, Kumoko reaches the entrance and can leave the cave but it seems she got the attention of another spider at the end. It looks like we’ll have an episode focused more on the humans next episode which I’m glad for. Shun’s parts started off a little slow but now that his brother is dead and he’s the hero, things should pick up.

アラバとの戦いは大部分は良かったね。戦いがぐちゃぐちゃで時々ついていくのが難しかったけど、何が起きてるのかは大体分かった感じ。 ついに、蜘蛛子が入口にたどり着いて、洞窟を脱出できたね。だけど、最後に他のクモたちから注目を浴びてるように見えたな。 次のエピソードはもっと人間側にフォーカスしたエピソードになりそうな感じするね。嬉しいな。シュンの部分が少し遅めのスタートだったけど、今は彼のお兄さんは死んで、彼が勇者になって、良い感じになっていくはず。

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伏線を大きく入れると失敗する見本。グダグダ学校場面が不快とまで海外勢に言わせてしまう 残念。補足情報の学校風景と小龍無双はつまらない三分で詰め込んでくれ。蜘蛛の負担考えるなら人間もうおぉーとか呻き声みたいにしないで発言させて蜘蛛だから何言ってるか聞き取れないにしろよ。魔物も無言だし声優ケチって臨場感まで削ってる。三話は失敗かなぁ。次に期待。



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